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View Larger Image 7 easy ways to make money in your 60s According to research by Aldemore bank, an increasing number of new businesses are being started by the over 50s and many of those are well over With returns from savings low and cost of living rising, finding ways to make money and supplement income elsewhere has become a necessity for many who have already retired.

This make millions quickly reflects how enterprising we are as a nation, with so many people leveraging the constantly moving technologies to set up their own business or to sell products on the likes of eBay.

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The extra cash generated is used to pay bills, go on holiday and reinvested into savings accounts for day to day living. There are various ways you can do it: you could contact former employers offering your services on a project basis or for a few hours a month, or you how after 60 years to make money in set yourself up formally as a consultant, go to networking events with your business cards, get in touch with prospective clients through LinkedIn and other online networking platforms and build up your business like that.

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Companies need consultants in many different areas from HR to sales, financial management, business strategy, communications and more. It happens across various sectors too.

Invest in instruments that offer monthly returns: Invest in high-yielding investment options to put your savings to good use and to maintain your quality of life, post retirement. Investing in fixed deposits is a great option, because of the following advantages: 1 Get stable returns with Fixed Deposits 2 Greater stability without impact of market fluctuations 3 Facilities of loan against fixed deposits, offered by certain financiers 4 Greater liquidity, and an option to choose between cumulative and non-cumulative returns 5 High safety ratings and stability Some fixed deposit providers also provide you with benefits of higher interest rates for senior citizenseasy online application, and flexible tenor. Ensure to utilize the following features from Bajaj Finance FD to be a smart planner for future investments — 1 Online FD calculator — You can easily check out various combinations of tenor and capital to see the best returns for you.

If you used to run a hairdressing salon you could consult for other salons. If you used to run a cleaning franchise you can consult for other franchise businesses and so on.

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Consider writing how after 60 years to make money in business book, getting into corporate speaking to impart your knowledge and being on panels where your expertise is needed. You could be surprised at how much you could make. Tutoring Do you play a musical instrument?


Or speak another language? Perhaps your talent lies in writing or pottery?

Whatever your skill is you can make money from it by tutoring people or groups and charging by the hour. Latest figures released by Thetutorpages.

Best of all, you can do it all from your own home and the set-up costs are minimal.

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As long as the dogs are well-behaved and socialised, you should be able to walk more than 1 dog at a time. Market Research Market research companies are always looking for people to join focus groups.

And that is especially true in retirement. And, some options might even be fun!

There are plenty of opportunities if you look around. Here are some market research companies you may want to contact.

Their answers were amazing and showed just how creative our generation has become when it comes to supplementing our income in the best years of our lives.

Have a scan through to see what sounds right for you. Why not sell your baked goods at a car boot sale or even a local shop?

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You can do anything from basic upkeep of gardens to pruning and planting flowers. You could grow your own fruit or vegetables and sell them for a profit. You can also make good money by propagating seedlings and selling the plants at car boot sales. Start by gardening for friends and neighbours.

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If they spread the word you could end up with more paid work. Get a discounted compost bin from your local council. No experience Necessary Housesitting One of the best things about house sitting is that over 60s are usually much more in demand as house sitters than younger people. This is because they tend to have more experience running a home plus the flexibility to sit during holidays and weekends.

Some agencies also have insurance to cover you should anything go wrong. Click here to apply to Trusted Housesitters. The other option is to advertise yourself as a house sitter.

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