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A natural haven for tourists and wildlife alike, the Tyrolean forests are actually a managed resource whose continued enjoyment is dependent on the timber companies working there. Next to tourism and farming, wood is the biggest industry in the region, which is populated by a host of family-owned timber companies.

July shop prices fall as retail tries to lure shoppers back to high street TZ Shop prices have fallen for the fourteenth consecutive month, as retailers take to discounting to tempt customers back to stores. Eve Sleep narrows losses despite sales slide TZ Eve Sleep has narrowed its half-year losses despite suffering a fall in sales during the first six months of its financial year.

OG, have expanded beyond the region to compete in the world market. MKT Edges made to measure One might go for a wood or stone look, but apart from the choice of materials, aspects like colour, gloss level and style are equally important features in the furniture industry.

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Contemporary furniture design offers a wide range of solutions. The medium-sized company, active furniture trade news an international level, produces thermoplastic edge bandings for the furniture industry and is the number three in the German market. In Europe, MKT even ranks among the top four players.

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DistriWood Trading wood with respect towards nature Thanks to its multifunctionality and its appealing optic, timber is a popular raw material in option registration whole construction and furniture industry. Yet as a natural resource, its availability is limited.

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DistriWood SA from Wasserbillig in Luxembourg is a specialist trader in timber and timber-like products. With the limited disposability of natural raw materials in mind and in respect towards the environment, the company develops furniture trade news many products as possible from certified wood.

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