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A computer user works on his lapto, using the free Wi-fi at the Evanston South Library. Baker Privacy Policy Reuters - Comcast Corp on Tuesday said its discounted Internet service for low-income families will be available indefinitely, a move that should please U.

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Internet Essentials is Comcast's broadband Internet program for some low-income families with children. The program has enrolled aboutfamilies since it launched in Some 2.

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It was originally expected to run through the end of the school year. As part of Comcast's proposed merger, the offer will be available in 19 of 20 largest U.

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The program has become one way Comcast, the put income U. The U.

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Justice Departmentwhich reviews antitrust concerns, and the Federal Communications Commission FCCwhich studies whether deals are in the public interest, have yet to review the proposed merger. Cohen said on Tuesday that in discussing evansy online earnings reviews merger at upcoming meetings in Washington, he planned to emphasize, among other issues, the expansion of Comcast's commitments, such as to low-income broadband, children's programming and local news, to Time Warner Cable's markets.

Only families who had not been Comcast customers within 90 days of applying can qualify for the program.

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Public-interest advocates and some lawmakers have started sounding concerns that Comcast has not fully complied with the promises it made inincluding those aimed at improving the services for low-income customers. Comcast rejected those claims and said in an annual report last week that it delivered, and in some cases over-delivered, on those promises.

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The reviews were likely to take months to complete. Senate Judiciary Committee planned to hold a hearing on the merger on March Reporting by Alina Selyukh and Liana B. Baker; Editing by Amanda Kwan.