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Here are 12 important things you need to know before booking your expedition. Kilimanjaro is not a technical climb.

Slideshow 2 images Around 50, tourists climb Kilimanjaro annually. A cable car could increase tourist numbers by 50 percent by providing access to the mountain for those unable to climb it, Constantine Kanyasu, the deputy minister for tourism, said.

When people think of climbing a mountain, they conjure up images of a brave soul clinging to a vertical rockface with their bare hands, with a harrowing fall to the earth below. Or an intrepid alpinist dressed from head to toe in a down suit, taking step after step in deep snow, axe in hand, while roped to their teammates. Neither of these apply to Mount Kilimanjaro despite its formidable height.

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Mount Kilimanjaro does not require any technical skills. There is no need for mountaineering equipment like harnesses, ice axes or ropes because there is no danger of falling off a cliff or into a crevasse. Furthermore, there are no parts of the trail where one has to be particularly talented in rock climbing.

If you asked around, you would probably find that you have a few friends, or friends of friends, who are not the most outdoorsy people yet have successfully stood on Uhuru Peak. More than 30, people attempt the mountain every year and the demographics of those visitors show that people from all walks of life come here to test their mettle. Young and old, experienced backpackers and complete newbies, all have a place on this mountain. Africa may be warm, but the mountain is cold.

Just because Kilimanjaro is located close to the equator does not mean it is scorching hot. Almost immediately, as soon as you gain elevation, the temperature drops. That means everyone needs to have clothing that is designed to earnings on the Internet on kili them warm in cold weather.

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During the day, it often is warm as long as the sun is visible. So during dayhikes you will probably be earnings on the Internet on kili comfortable wearing a single base layer on top and trekking pants. Occasionally, a soft shell jacket for when the what are bears and bulls in trading come or a hard shell if there is a strong breeze.

As the sun sets, the cold comes too. Almost certainly you will have nights where temperatures fall below freezing. This will be apparent when you find that ice formed on your tent while you slept overnight. A support team handles all the heavy lifting. Kilimanjaro expeditions are fully supported, meaning that a team of guides, cooks and porters accompany climbers on the trek to do all the work. The porters set up the tents, take down the tents, cook the food, fetch the water, and clean the campsite.

Clients do not have to use their precious energy doing any labor and instead can focus on acclimatizing to the altitude and enjoying the hike. For every client, there are around three to four personnel. This may sound excessive, until you realize what is actually brought on the mountain. First, there are the sleeping tents and the dining tents.

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There are sleeping pads and sleeping bags. In the dining tents are folding tables and plastic chairs, as well as lanterns, silverware, bowls, and dishes. The food is prepared in a kitchen tent, equipped with a stove, fuel, pots and pans.

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And this food and equipment is required for not only the clients, but for the staff serving them as well. The staff will carry everything described above. Because of this, climbers do not have to carry heavy packs. With minimal gear, just enough to take care of any immediate food, water, or clothing needs, clients can focus on enjoying the hike. You will eat well on the mountain. Unlike western backpacking trips, where the bulk of the caloric requirements are met with dehydrated food, powdered mixes and processed items, the meals on Mount Kilimanjaro are made with fresh ingredients.

Our clients eat real meals consisting of fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and grains, as well as an assortment of snacks. The chef and his helpers prepare your meals in a kitchen tent using a kerosene stove open fires are no permitted on the mountain. We can cater to vegetarian and vegan diets. We believe that providing tasty food is an important element to successful climbing.

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At altitude, people often lose their appetite. And not eating is harmful to acclimatization and also inhibits recovery. So we serve food designed to keep people nourished while providing enough energy to continue hiking.

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Our clients often say they eat better on the mountain than they do at home. We believe them. Budget operators serve low quality food choices with low nutritional value.

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That will hinder your success. Acute Mountain Sickness is dangerous. The air is thinner at high altitude. This is the cause of a common illness experienced by climbers known as acute mountain sickness AMS.

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AMS is the primary earnings on the Internet on kili that people fail to reach the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. AMS arises when the human body is adapting to the lower oxygen levels at high elevation. This process, known as acclimatization, creates some biological responses to combat the oxygen deficiency.

More oxygen carrying red blood cells are produced. The respiration rate is increased.

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When these actions are not sufficient to compensate for the reduced oxygen in the environment, AMS symptoms begin to appear. Symptoms usually start with a light headache, feelings of nausea and some fatigue.

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With earnings on the Internet on kili, these disappear as the body acclimatizes to the current elevation, before the body is retested again at a higher elevation. As long as one is recovering in this manner, it is a sign that the body is overcoming the oxygen deficiency and there is no cause for concern. In fact, some people who acclimatize quickly will not feel symptoms at all. If symptoms do not go away, and become progressively worse, AMS becomes dangerous.

Our team conducts health checks twice daily to monitor the well being of our clients. The health checks consist of oxygen saturation readings, a review of pulse rates, and a survey of symptoms. The data is recorded to evaluate changes over time. If the guides determine that earnings on the Internet on kili is too risky to continue, you will be escorted down the mountain for your safety.

We carry bottled oxygen and a portable stretcher on every climb, and can coordinate an evacuation on foot or by helicopter in case of a medical emergency. One of the first questions people ask about Kilimanjaro is where do we poop? First, let us describe where other people poop. Then we will describe where our clients handle earnings on the Internet on kili business. They are simply holes dug into the ground with a wooden shelter constructed above it. As you might imagine, long drop toilets are disgusting and filthy and best avoided.

The toilet tent consists of a plastic commode covered by a phone booth sized and shaped tent for privacy. The commode is complete with a cover, toilet seat and water based flushing system. You use it just like a regular toilet at home. A few hand pumps sends water to rinse out the bowl. What if you need to relieve yourself while on the trail?

You go behind a rock or bush. And what about showers? There are none. There is no wifi connection on the mountain. Cell service is very, very spotty. During each day, there may only be one or two possibilities to make a call, text or email. But you should not earnings on the Internet on kili on it. Cloudy weather can sap the strength of the signal. If you would like to use your phone, ask the guides when and where you might be able to get a signal.

Or simply observe when the local crews are on their phones.

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Likewise, there is no electricity on Kilimanjaro.