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Prepared Remarks: Operator Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Jason Kiser. Please go ahead, sir. Paul and Erik will have some opening remarks. Look forward to that.

We do need to do our safe harbor disclosures, So we'll turn that over to Brandon. Thanks for joining us. We assume no responsibility for updating forward-looking statements.

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For more information, please refer to the risks, uncertainties and other factors discussed in our SEC filings. Before I share a few observations on the quarter, I want to wish everyone the very best. These are incredibly difficult times. For many trend line formulas us, the challenges are personal.

And I hope you've all been able to take time and space for loved ones, family, friends and neighbors. In the past two months, this organization from top to bottom has really been incredible in its response to the COVID crisis. I'm incredibly proud and grateful for the flexibility, creativity, the compassion of our coworkers that we demonstrated every day on one another to our customers and the commitments to communities we all serve.

Our team really answered the call from equipping our field-based techs to operate safely in hundreds of thousands of homes across the nation that we serve to moving in very short order thousands of our frontline customer experience and sales agents as well earnings d network management to a work-at-home posture.

It's really been an incredible effort. Earnings d network just another example, like, our manufacturing and distribution teams continued their usual high level of performance. But in addition to their day jobs, they drove into address shortages of protective gear for frontline healthcare workers and their own colleagues by manufacturing face shields and face masks.

So a big thank you to the entire DISH team. Let's get started. I'll touch on wireless. Despite the disruption, the teams had been hard at work on our wireless initiatives.

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First, we stopped the NB-IoT effort in the quarter. Paul will have a bit of commentary on that.

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The wireless team earnings d network to make progress on the stand-alone 5G network, and we continue to pursue closing the Boost assets with T-Mobile. Charlie and Tom are also here on the call and available to take your questions.

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We saw gross additions grow quarter-over-quarter by 56, We did see the rate of adds slow in March, especially in the back half. That was due in part earnings d network some customers' reluctance to some of our marketing efforts like direct mail and to have folks working in their homes.

You hear earnings d network from me virtually every quarter over the past four years, our DISH strategy has been anchored on acquiring and retaining long-term profitable customers.

In that time, we focused on a more rural and higher-credit subscriber base, and we remain committed to that path. While the pace of activation slowed, we did adapt our activity to match conditions.

We adjusted our marketing.

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We brought more value to customers at an important time, delivering more than 40 channels of content and free preview with the help of our programming partners. And as always, we focused on providing an excellent and safe in-home installation and service experience. While the country went into a shelter-in-place posture, we saw customers' usage of our platform increase. We're pleased to see subscribers' growing engagement with the excellent experience the Hopper platform delivers, including on demand, apps and our DISH Anywhere earnings d network.

Paul will have more color on this in a moment. Turning to Sling. In the quarter, earnings d network total ofnet subscribers compared to net adds of 7, in the year-ago period.

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This is certainly disappointing. We opened earnings d network the quarter having rolled out a price increase, launching Fox News with our Blue base package and introduced a free cloud DVR. And the competitive environment was also aggressive, especially from the free commercial-free streaming services that flooded the space with introductory offers and promotions.

Look, we continue to focus on acquiring and retaining profitable customers and delivering a great customer experience when it comes to platform stability and user experience. But we still have room to grow, and we have to execute at a much higher level. Before I turn it over to Paul, let me I want to again express my gratitude to the team on behalf of the leadership team here. A earnings d network of people have been working a lot of extra hours to take care of our customers and take care of the broader DISH community, and I couldn't be prouder.

So with that, I'll turn it over to Paul for a quick commentary on some of the numbers. Paul W. Before we get into the quarterly results, I have two items to highlight: First is the impact of COVID and the measures we have implemented to address it. Second is the impairments we took during the quarter. We have tightened our belt and put in place cost-cutting measures to slow the pace of opex and capex. We are recalibrating the investments we are making in the business.

We have pulled back on marketing. We want to keep our powder dry for the time being. COVID has reduced our in-person selling opportunities. It has also hindered our direct mail marketing because customers don't want to open their mail, and some customers are currently reluctant to allow our technicians into their home.

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Because many commercial establishments are closed or running earnings d network reduced capacity, we have put these accounts on pause or provide a temporary rate relief. These accounts, including commercial accounts that have or will ultimately disconnect due to COVID, represent approximatelysubscribers, and they were removed from our ending DISH TV subscriber count. We expect the vast majority of these commercial accounts to reactivate in the coming quarters. The reactivation will come with minimal cost.

Therefore, we will not comp them as gross activations, and we'll add them back to our ending subscriber count in the quarter that they return. Now that the T-Mobile-Sprint merger has earnings d network d network and there is more clarity surrounding our revised build-out requirements, we no longer intend to finish our narrowband IoT build.

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Accordingly, we recorded an impairment in the quarter for the narrowband IoT assets and satellites that we currently do not plan to use in our 5G build. However, absent the impact of the impairment charge, both operating income and EBITDA would have increased versus last year. Our subscriber margins for the quarter were positively impacted by our continued focus on higher-quality subscribers and also reduced costs related to channel removals, including regional sports.

This was driven by increased advertising spend pre COVID, offset by more subscribers activating with remanufactured equipment. As discussed on prior calls, this reduction in expense was related to the acquisition of certain satellites from Earnings d network and during the third quarter of With that, I'll turn it over for questions.

First, Charlie, on Pay-TV.

Financial Results

A lot has been said over the last few weeks about sports rights payments and how there should be some sort of relief to consumers. I know there are quite a few steps required to get to this scenario. And when sports come back on, bills go back up again. And so in what is an already a challenged ecosystem, reupping consumer bills to reflect the sports cost seems that will be a significant churn event across the entire ecosystem.

So I was just curious about how you think about the sustainability of your Pay-TV subscriber base should all of this play out?

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And then I have a brief follow-up. I think I heard that question. I think it was about sports and how it's going to play out in the ecosystem. Well, first of all, the consumers sports are already seasonal so to begin with.

So and the real question would be whether sports come back or not, whether the seasons are canceled or the seasons or parts of seasons are canceled. The second question would be whether the content owners get reprieved in the leagues directly or indirectly.

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And then if they did, would they pass that on to the distribution network. What I would so all those things are going to play out, and I think it would be premature to try to speculate on how that's going to happen. But I don't see bills going down and going up the way you described it. I think we try to do that more whatever we do, it would either be a onetime credit or it would be something permanent.

Prepared Remarks: Operator Good afternoon, and welcome to the A10 Networks first-quarter financial results conference call. Please go ahead. As the operator just mentioned this call is being recorded and webcasted live and may be accessed for one year via the A10 networks website at a10networks. Before we begin, I would like to remind you that shortly after the market closed today, A10 Networks issued a press release announcing its first-quarter financial results.

One is first of all, we fought really hard for our consumers that they have more flexibility in how they can actually subscribe for us.

So our a lot of our customers like regional sports take for example, they're not required to take regional sports if they can take a lesser package that doesn't have regional sports in it. So regional sports loss the sports, they could downgrade that, and we you earnings d network earn on bitcoins that pretty easy to do.

The second thing I would say is that to the extent that the content owners credit us, we'll pass that on to consumers. So and I will say, we'll work with our distribution packaging customers. Because at this point, leagues like the NBA hasn't been canceled, seasons haven't been canceled, so they're not in any position that's probably to make a determination there.

The one place that maybe is worthy of discussion today is on the NCAA tournament, where CBS and the Turner networks may be in discussions, and maybe there are some things that have happened within that realm. But we'll just stay tuned like everybody else. But certainly, it starts with the league.

Do they somehow give credits to the networks to the ESPN and the networks and so forth? And then do they give credit to us? And then we will pass it on. Absent that, that's hard to do.

And if I could, I'm going to hand it off to my colleague, Jonathan Atkin, for a follow-up. As you kind of evaluate the potential Sprint sites that you could utilize and where can you stand on that and the pros and cons of taking over some of those leases, signing new ones on your own. I imagine there's a trade-off in terms of cost versus speed on air, but how are you thinking about earnings d network And where do things stand currently? I think it's a little too early in the process for that.

The first step is we need to close on Boost.

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Once we close on Boost, that initiates the consent decree requirements. And so as you probably know from the order, the obligation for them to give earnings d network visibility to decommission sites would not commence until after we closed on Boost.

That being said, our deployment team is already doing RF planning, and we're earnings d network down the road with our tower company discussions so the deployment planning has begun earnings d network our side, but it's not dependent on the decommissioned sites at this point. Jonathan Atkin -- RBC Capital Markets -- Analyst And when would you anticipate then getting equipment up and on air and activated under either scenario?

Tom Cullen -- Executive Vice President, Corporate Development Well, you've probably seen that we announced a deal with Mavenir as the first vendor selection. Marc continues to work on the architecture and further vendor binary options with candlestck indicator. So I would anticipate more of those announcements in the third quarter.

And then we'll share our deployment plans once those are formalized, likely on the next call. Operator Thank you. Our next question will come from David Barden, Bank of America.