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Stephen Kane studies financial market regulations specializing in dixie trading8 contracts.

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He has published papers concerning futures, asset securitizations, and options. This was not always the case — for example, futures contracts on onions were traded, but were prohibited by law in the s more on that in a moment.

Other countries, including China and Belgium, have been experimenting with futures contracts on apples and pears, respectively. We will discuss some of the considerations for listing a futures contract on produce that will need to be dixie trading8 into account. Nonetheless, given the growing importance of dixie trading8 in the U.

Background A futures contract is an agreement between two parties to buy and sell a commodity in the future at a fixed price.

dixie trading8

In the U. Futures contracts have been expanded over the years to other types of commodities, including foreign currencies, stock indexes, U.

Treasury securities and dixie trading8 oil. As noted above, though, currently there are no futures contracts traded on dixie trading8. Such contracts would enable a produce farmer to hedge, meaning that the produce farmer could offset the risk of price declines in the cash market by gains in the futures market or vice versa. An example of hedging may be illustrative.

Suppose it is August and an apple farmer has apples to be harvested in the winter say in three months. She is uncertain about what prices will be at that time. If a futures contract were available, she could enter into dixie trading8 futures contract to sell apples three months from now.

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If prices decline, she will get a lower price for dixie trading8 apples in the cash spot market. However, she will obtain an offsetting gain in the futures market because most futures contracts are offset without being taken to future delivery, and at that time she will enter into a futures dixie trading8 to buy apples at a low price.

This will offset her futures contract to sell apples at a high price, and she will earn the spread between the two i.

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If prices rise, then she will get a higher price for her crop dixie trading8 she expected in the cash market, but she will lose in the futures market, because she will have to offset her original contract to sell apples with a futures contract to buy apples at a higher price i.

Currently, produce farmers hedge a large portion of their produce price risk through marketing contracts.

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According to a report from the U. While forward contracts can be used for hedging, they are bespoke, individually negotiated agreements that may take time to enter into.

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A benefit of a futures contract is that it offers standardized terms and is traded on dixie trading8 exchange that facilitates more liquidity, which may lower hedging costs. It includes an enumerated list of commodities, derived from amendments to the definition made by Congress from time to time as futures contracts on new commodities were listed for trading.

Futures contracts on these commodities are also prohibited by law. See 7 U. The CEA and CFTC regulations thereunder also prohibit an exchange from listing contracts that involve activity that is unlawful under any Federal or State law; terrorism; assassination; war; gaming; or other similar activity determined by the CFTC, by rule or regulation, to be contrary to the public interest. Prohibition On Onion Futures The prohibition on futures trading in onions — a produce commodity — is an interesting case that involved manipulation of onion prices.

dixie trading8

Onion futures trading began on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the mids. By the mids, they were the most traded product on the exchange. Intwo onion traders, Sam Siegel and Vincent Kosuga, cornered onions in the cash market. They convinced onion growers to begin purchasing their inventory by threatening to flood the market with onions if they did not. Siegel and Kosuga told the growers that they would hold the rest of their inventory in order to support the price of onions.

Meanwhile Siegel and Kosuga accumulated a large short position of onion futures contracts while they arranged to have their stores of onions reconditioned because they had started to spoil. In that regard, they shipped them outside of Chicago to have them cleaned or the outer layers pealed off, and then re-packaged and re-shipped them back to Chicago. By the end of the onion season in MarchSiegel and Kosuga had flooded the market with their low quality aged onions contrary to their promise to onion growers and drove the price of 50 pounds of onions down to 10 cents a bag.

Further, because so many onions had been shipped to Are dixie trading8 traders who make money on binary options in order to depress prices, there were onion shortages in other parts of dixie trading8 United Dixie trading8.


Siegel and Kosuga made millions of dollars on the transaction due to dixie trading8 short position on dixie trading8 futures established when prices were high. At one point, 50 pounds of onions were selling in Chicago for less than the bags that held them.

dixie trading8

This drove many onion farmers into bankruptcy. A public outcry ensued among onion farmers who were left with large amounts of inventory. Options with no deposit bonus, many onion farmers chose to dispose of the large amounts of onions that they had grown.

During the hearings, the Commodity Exchange Authority stated that it was the perishable nature of onions which made them vulnerable to price dixie trading8. The bill was unpopular among traders, some of whom argued that onion shortages were not a crucial issue since they were used as a condiment rather than a staple food.

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In retrospect, the ban was overkill because onion farmers would have fared much better if recently harvested onions had been put into storage for consumption at a later date in the near future or shipped to locations with onion shortages. In addition, the CME might have changed dixie trading8 contract specification for onions to disallow spoiled onions or to apply a steep discount for them. Also, if this dixie trading8 occurred today, the CFTC and the exchanges have several tools at their dixie trading8, including a large trader reporting system and tough anti-manipulation enforcement authorities dixie trading8 serve to detect and deter such manipulative attempts.

But the episode illustrates some of dixie trading8 issues—including perishability of the commodity—that must be considered for futures on produce to be listed and traded.

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Listing A Futures Contract On Produce In order for a futures contract on produce to be listed and dixie trading8, certain considerations must be taken into account. Grading If the underlying commodity cannot be easily graded because there is too much variation in the commodity, then this makes it difficult to stipulate delivery arrangements under the futures contract that require the underlying to be fungible.

dixie trading8

Although most futures contracts as noted above are offset prior to delivery, generally some futures contracts are held to the delivery period when delivery occurs at the option of the short position holders. Delivery helps to ensure that the futures contract price and cash market price will converge at expiration making the futures contract more useful for commercial hedgers.

Grains which are sold in bulk form meet this requirement. There are different grades of corn which trade with various premiums or discounts to the futures price, however. Dixie trading8 sales of produce are usually not in bulk quantities. Grocery stores often sell produce so that the purchaser can inspect the underlying to accommodate heterogeneity in the underlying. Marketing contracts through which produce producers sell a large portion of their produce specify the grade to be delivered, dixie trading8 there is a framework in place that could be transferred to a futures contract.

Grade Standards for fruits and vegetables. Differences in the value of grades also might be handled by trading of differential contracts—contracts that are the difference between two grades of the underlying commodity if there is sufficient liquidity to do so.

If the produce requires refrigeration or degrades or spoils in storage due to, say suboptimal moisture, it may become a lower grade or be unsuitable for delivery on a futures contract at a later expiration date.


Such spoilage adds to the cost of carry storing the commodity to the next delivery date and may make it impracticable to define the underlying in the contract specification. Thus, as a general matter, the less perishable produce is, the more likely a futures contract could be listed and traded dixie trading8 it. More perishable produce, such dixie trading8 lettuce, probably could not underlie futures contracts unless they were cash-settled to a cash market index which might be published by a disinterested third party such as the USDA.

However, less perishable produce, such as: apples, citrus fruits, pears, potatoes, tomatoes, and yes, onions if the law were changedcould conceivably be the subject of futures trading.