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Abstract: The understanding of real options analysis ROA has been claimed by academics to be extremely valuable for the real estate industry; yet adoption of the method in practice has been very slow. The aim of this dissertation is to examine opportunities that ROA opens in real estate investment analysis and decision-making as well as to demonstrate the actual real option value in some topical areas of real estate investment.

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The study utilizes a mixed method research strategy with both quantitative and qualitative data. Case study research is used to collect data and to amount evidence dissertation real options the research questions. Case studies conducted in this dissertation address the research problem from current areas causing uncertainties in the traditional discounted cash flow valuation of real estate investments, i.

Master Thesis Real Options - buy-dissertation1. Real Options and Investment Decision Making. Topic Description :The objective of this paper is to highlight the outlook for the development and management of the real estate industry of the UK.

The dissertation finds that ROA can enhance real estate investment dissertation real options and decision-making and proposes that i ROA should be used in real estate investment analysis and management because it can identify value elements missed by standard valuation practices, ii lifecycle performance of real estate assets can be enhanced with real options and iii ROA can produce results that can encourage investments necessary for long-term success in the real estate industry.

The calculated real option values for different demonstration cases were a 8.

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This dissertation contributes to the body of knowledge in the real estate investment field. The categorisation of previous research and building upon it new applications form a coherent whole of the method's potential in the real estate industry.

The results enhance real estate investment analysis and decision-making by highlighting the role of uncertainty through different application levels.

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It points out that ROA can reveal new information and lines of actions, which can supplement or replace purchase of options of traditional DCF analysis. This is important for directing limited resources in long-term investments into right positions.

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The results presented in the papers enhances lifecycle performance of real estate investments from different viewpoints, which serves as a guidance for professionals in similar decisions as well as a starting point for developing new applications.

The dissertation also discusses the practical adaptability of real options valuation techniques through different cases. Lasketut reaalioptioiden arvot eri tapaustutkimuksissa olivat 8.

Full text not available from this repository. On the other hand, the Extensible Markup Language XML has quickly become a generally accepted standard for integrating processing of formatted data - the literature is virtually unanimous that an integration of EDI into XML would make EDI more accessible and implementation faster and cheaper. The process of standardization of various EDI standard formats over XML is still underway and the question arises whether an early adoption of the technology would pay off. This thesis investigates the issue using real-options methodology. Starting from the well-known Black-Scholes model the parameters of the model are operationalized to decide about the best adoption timing: i project costs of implementation, ii value of savings of the project substitutional, complementary, and strategic benefitsand iii project risk, expressed as the variance used in Black-Scholes.

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