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Go back to Fixed Odds Financial Betting Digital and Exotic Options While digital options find themselves among truly exotic trading vehicles, such digital option look-back options, chooser options and Bermuda options, they are the simplest options of all and individual traders can employ them, if only synthetically.

The payoff remains the same, no matter how deep in-the-money the option is. Because the payout of a tight bull spread is closely similar to that of a digital option, so is its pricing.

Digital and Exotic Options

If a trading system has the capability of pricing a tight bull spread, it shouldn't be challenging to price a digital option. Using a forex example, digital options let digital option wager on whether the exchange rate will trade above or below the trigger level at expiration. Digital options typically are placed into the class of financial instruments referred to as "exotic.

Exotic options are the tools of multi-million dollar OTC traders with big bank and other financial institutions backing them.

It is rare for an individual retail trader to use these instruments, and for good reason. They are complex, expensive and relatively illiquid. However, while digital options find themselves among truly exotic trading vehicles, such as look-back options, chooser options and Bermuda options, they are the simplest options of all and individual traders can employ them, if only synthetically.

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Webster's dictionary defines the word exotic as "strikingly unusual or strange in effect, appearance or nature. Which one you pick depends on how much you want to spend in the store. For that reason, a digital option is also referred to as a Binary option, a binary number digital option mathematical or digital option jargon is one where each digit can only have two possible values, either 0 or 1.

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Applying that terminology, an option that, at expiration, can have only one of two payoff possibilities, a 0 or a 1, is classified as a digital or binary option these terms can be used alternately. Payout for a Digital Option Using the example of our two discount offers, we will explain the pay-out value for a digital option.

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Binary call option: As any call option would, digital option binary call option pays out if the underlying or market price exceeds the strike price at expiration. The only difference here is that the payout is a preset amount, regardless of the difference between the market price and the strike price see "Digital rewards," right. Binary Put options: Correspondingly, the binary put option pays out the stipulated amount to an option holder only if the market or underlying price is below the strike price.

If any segment of an option payout digital option is vertical - that is, it doesn't contain a slope - your position has an element of a binary option, either on a standalone basis or embedded as a component of a compound option an option on an option.

The vertical aspect of the payout graph indeed reveals the existence of a binary option.

Digital Option

A speculator betting on rising and falling prices can use digital options as cheaper alternatives to regular vanilla options. A hedger uses this cost-effective instrument to effectively draw upon a rebate arrangement that will offer a fixed compensation that is, payout if the market turned the digital option direction. A digital option can be simulated for pricing purposes and replicated for hedging purposes as an aggressive digital option spread.

A bull spread involves buying an option at a lower strike digital option selling digital option similar option at a higher strike; the difference in the strikes is the spread risk.

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Keep in mind though, the more aggressive the bull spread, the higher its premium, and therefore the costlier your hedge. On the other hand, the less tight the bull spread, how much to mine 1 bitcoin 2020 larger the exposure to spread risk. Tools for the Trader Using a forex example, digital options let you wager on whether the exchange rate will trade above or below the trigger level strike price at expiration.

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If exchange rates move unfavorably to the position, the holder exercises his option and trims his losses by a predetermined payout amount, whereas if the market moves favorably, the trader continues to deal in current spot digital option and doesn't exercise his option. You may begin to wonder - why not just buy a regular option instead?

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Alternatively, if the trader is expecting a stable or relatively quiet market with low volatility, then the recommended strategy would be to write sell options, as doing so will generate profits in an otherwise unprofitable trading environment.

Remember, the greater the flexibility and higher the payout for an unfavorable market price movement, the larger the upfront premium associated with purchasing that option.

What is a digital option?

Currency markets are event-driven and it is challenging to forecast the direction of market movement prior to important events. Digital options work well in these scenarios. Technical trading doesn't necessarily bode very well for profit-taking before the scheduled release of key economic and trade reports. But if you expect increased volatility in digital option of the announcements, your best choice is to trade options and reduce returivrelat' ed spikes and whipsaws. Digital options might not necessarily be an excellent tool for following trends and are not truly adequate for maximizing profits either, but they help protect against a loss of profits.

Trading pitfalls and jolts to profitability can be minimized if the digital options trader recognizes, among other things, the structural subtleties associated with specific trigger levels, related liquidity concerns, and stays alert to digital option warnings signaled by the greek ratios - delta, gamma, vega, etc. Technological breakthroughs have made computing muscle affordable and available via sophisticated trading software and has simplified the pricing of these not-so-vanilla options.

Marketing digital options as strikingly exotic might hinder demand and sometimes even daunt a pro trader from dealing in them. There is no golden rule that prescribes straightforward tactics for specific trading positions, but a skilled trader should evaluate these positions as a welcome break from the conventional tools digital option make a choice depending upon his sole appetite for risk.

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It combines features of both classic and binary options. A digital option provides an opportunity to trade a variety of instruments. The profitability and the risks of each deal will depend on a manually chosen strike price, which is its main distinctive feature. A Digital Option price chart digital option displayed in the IQ Option trading terminal Breaking Down Digital Options Digital Options offer a high degree of freedom and a higher earning potential than binary options, the profitability of which is predetermined.