Copying of MT5 transactions

Well, trust me, it is not.

Fast Copy MT5 demo

Step 1 — Download the MetaTrader 5 trading platform for free The first step is to download the MT5 trading terminal and open a demo account. As an example, in this tutorial, I will use the MT5 setup file from the official www. You can use that too if you are learning and do not have an MT5 trading account.

But it will most likely be the same as I explain in this tutorial.

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The only difference will be that you have to download the MT5 platform from your broker and use the login and password they provided for you. This way, it is easy to get your installations numbered. Click NEXT. Wait a minute or two for the installation to finish. MT5 Terminal installed When you copying of MT5 transactions using MT5 software from their official website, note that it does not belong to any broker. MetaQuotes copying of MT5 transactions not a broker, only MetaTrader 5 software provider.

But they allow everyone to use their platform with a demo account for practicing trading or testing other trading software. They may also instantly open a demo MT5 account for you automatically to make the process easier.

In my case, a demo MT5 account was already prepared and logged in automatically. I will use this MT5 account as a master account. When you choose your MT5 account to act as a master, it means you will be copying trades FROM this account to other accounts.

Note that MT5 copier software uses our custom-made DLL library to exchange trade information between MT5 trading accounts that you are running on the same computer. In other words, it is essential to enable DLL so that the trade copier can work. Once copying of MT5 transactions, click OK to confirm the changes.

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Installing a second MT5 terminal on the same computer To copy trades, we not only need a master account, but we also need a client account. It is the account that will receive your trades. In other words, we choose the second MT5 account to act as a client account. This account is not necessarily a trading account of your customer. The fastest and easiest installation of an additional MT5 terminal is to copy the existing MT5 terminal installation folder into the new folder.

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So you will most likely get a similar confirmation as in the picture above. If you need more MT5 accounts on the same computer, all you need to do is click the PASTE button a few more times to create additional copies and rename them accordingly.

Once you have created as many MT5 accounts as you need for your trade copying, it is time for the next step to create shortcuts for easy access to each MT5 terminals.

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We already have the shortcut for the first MT5 terminal created automatically on the Desktop during the installation. In this tutorial, I have created only one additional copy of the MT5 terminal.

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It means I need to make only one shortcut. Do you want the shortcut to be placed on the desktop instead? In such a case, simply drag and drop that shortcut onto your desktop for easy access.

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Here are both MT5 shortcuts on my Desktop. Copying of MT5 transactions will rename them accordingly now. This way, it is easy for me to remember which one is which. Also, I can open them quickly and fast straight from my Desktop anytime. We will use it as a master account. Complete the installation by choosing the options that fit your situation and clicking the NEXT button. You can also refresh the list of Expert Advisors by restarting the MT5 terminal.

It will run the EA on the currently open chart window. Another convenient way to start the Server EA is to double click on it or drag-drop it to your preferred chart window. Once you start the Server EA, it will ask you for various configurations.

Internet Copy MT5

It means that usually, you do not need to change any settings. Click OK to start the EA.

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Once you get familiar with the options for making money on the Internet, your needs and desires will grow, then you can learn all the available functions and start using them.

It means you should not use that chart for anything else, just this trade copier EA.

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You can copying of MT5 transactions open additional chart windows for your trading or running other Expert Advisors. Another convenient way to start the Client EA is to double click on it or drag-drop it to your preferred chart window. Note that MT5 trade copier software uses our custom-made DLL library to exchange trade information between MT5 trading accounts that you are running on the same computer.

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In other words, the MT5 copier software needs this so that it can work. Once you start the Client EA, it will ask you for various configurations. Just click OK to start the EA, and it should start working. Once you get familiar with the software and your need and desires will grow, you can learn all the available functions and start using them.

For the MT5 trading accounts where you are running Client EA, I recommend you If you are a beginner to not run any additional EA and do not do any other trading unless you understand what you are doing.

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We will be copying from the master account to the client account. First, we need to switch to our MT5 account, which we chose to operate as a master account by adding Server EA.

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To open a trade, we need to open a chart window first. Note that in this window, I can also choose another symbol for trading. You can see the trade copier did copy my BUY trade to the client account.

How to Copy Trades Between Two or More MT5 Trading Accounts

It happened instantly in a split of a second or faster. The open price is the same 1. The MT5 copier software will copy all transactions. It means that the trade copier will repeat all trading actions on all client accounts. If you add a stop loss, remove a take profit or close a trade, everything will reflect on all client accounts simultaneously.