Border options

Adjoining margins can be generated by elements that are not related as siblings or ancestors.

border options

Note the above rules imply that: Margins between a floated box and any other box do not collapse not even between a float and its in-flow children. Margins of elements that establish new block formatting contexts such as floats and elements with 'overflow' other than 'visible' do not collapse with their in-flow children.

Margins of absolutely positioned boxes do not collapse not even with their in-flow children.

Describes the style of the border.

Margins of inline-block boxes do not collapse not even with their in-flow children. The bottom margin of an in-flow block-level element always collapses with the top margin of its next in-flow block-level sibling, unless that sibling has clearance.

Advanced Border Options - New Divi Feature Update LIVE

The top margin of border options in-flow block element collapses with its first in-flow block-level child's top margin if the element has no top border, no top padding, and the child has no clearance.

The bottom margin of an in-flow block box with a 'height' of 'auto' and a 'min-height' of zero collapses with its last in-flow block-level child's bottom margin if border options box has no bottom padding binary strategies turbo options no bottom border border options the child's bottom margin does not collapse with a top margin that has clearance.

border options

A box's own margins collapse if the 'min-height' property is zero, and it has neither top or bottom borders nor top border options bottom padding, and it has a border options of either 0 or 'auto', and it does not contain a line box, and all of its in-flow children's margins if any collapse.

When two or more margins collapse, the resulting margin width is the maximum of the collapsing margins' widths. In the case of negative border options, the maximum of the absolute values of the negative adjoining margins is deducted from the maximum of the positive adjoining margins.

border options

If there are no positive margins, the maximum of the absolute values of the adjoining margins is deducted from zero. If the top and bottom margins of a box are adjoining, then it is possible for margins to collapse through it.

border options

In this case, the position of the element depends on its relationship with the other elements whose margins are being collapsed. If the element's margins are collapsed with its parent's top margin, the top border edge of the box is defined to be the same as the parent's. Otherwise, either the element's parent is not taking part in the margin collapsing, or only the parent's bottom margin is border options.

border options

The position of the element's top border edge is the same as it would have been if the element had a non-zero bottom border. Note that the positions of elements that have been collapsed through border options no effect on the positions of the other elements with whose margins border options are being collapsed; the top border edge position is only required for laying out descendants of these elements.

The 'padding' shorthand property sets the padding for all four sides while the other padding properties only set their respective side.

border options