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Binary Options Trading Platform of Alpari Update: Contracts with binary options in Alpari are now known as Fix-Contracts, which have the same characteristics as binary options, but with another name. The possible reason for this change in the denomination is the bad reputation that these derivatives have acquired in recent years.

Despite this, the information given below applies to the Fix-Contracts that this broker now offers. Fix-Contracts binary options of Alpari Binary options allow the investor to speculate on the price binary options on alpari various assets and financial instruments such as currency pairs Forex and metals and offer the advantage of having minimum investment requirements.

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The broker Alpariwhich is specialized in Forex, precious metals and contracts for binary options on alpari CFD based on different markets, includes the binary options to the list of investment instruments for its regular clients. Currently, this broker is one of the most important in the Forex market and the financial markets sector in general, with thousands of customers around the world.

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Binary options are excellent investment instruments for beginners traders because they are transparent and have an extremely simple operation compared to other instruments. In this case, the trader has to determine if the underlying price will end above or below the current market price when the option expires. This feature makes these options ideal for traders who want quick profit with fast trades that take advantage of micro-movements in the market, especially in assets that have strong movements in short periods of time, such as the Forex or commodities such as gold.

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In negative mathematical expectation of options case, the trader can select the level at which the barrier will be placed, which helps to determine the payment offered by the option.

The trader has to predict whether the price will go up call option or down put option with respect to the current price, and if the price is going to stay or not within a set price range formed by an upper and a lower barrier during the period of maturity of the option.

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