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The indicator for binary options volume A reliable broker, online signals and a robot!

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Better together than separately! LINK The indicator for binary options volume Volume Speaking of volume indicators for binary options be sure to start with the volume indicator, which is in the English language interface is referred to as Volume. This element refers to the base: a live chart he even is the default indicator, opening immediately when the program starts.

It is no coincidence: the indicator is able to improve the strategy of trading binary options - and thus raise the trader profits.

Importance of Volume for Trading Binary Options

Market volume can be a real and teak. Actual volumes indicate what is the total amount of money at the moment is on the market. In working with binary options and forex trading on this count is not given possible, so using an algorithm for constructing a tick indicator: take into account the total number of open transactions on a particular asset.

Can these data show a tendency to cost movements, show whether the asset rise or fall in price? No, I can not - but they can be used to determine the extremes, the pivot point, the stage of decay and activity in the market.

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Using this information, it is possible to develop a successful strategy and close in plus a high percentage of their trades.

I show you what volume indicators using a live graph of binary options. For convenience, we consider real-life schedule, which I use myself. Note: the indicator is displayed in the open window.

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It looks rather standard: green and red bars. The height of the columns of the indicator depends on the total number of binary binary options indicator volumes transactions that were concluded in a specific period of time.

Volume And Binary Options - How To Improve Your Trades Using Trading Volume

Green means that over a certain period of time the volume of transactions increased in comparison with the previous periodred - which decreased. In addition, on the chart of the indicator of binary options there is a so-called blue zone - it displays the average value of volumes for the specified period.

Someone from the traders to be honest, I myself practically ignores this part of the chart, someone, on the contrary, concentrates on it. Volume indicator recommended for use as an auxiliary tool, but when working with certain assets - primarily from the raw material - it can really help to make a very accurate prediction - and to carry out a better deal.

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For details on the site, in an article describing the strategy developed trade binary options me on the volume of goods. How to adjust the volume indicator to using it was most convenient to display information about binary options?

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First of all we close another opens by default binary options indicator - Stochastic - nothing to distract us from the images you need. Then select the Settings icon - in Live schedule it, as in many other interfaces, labeled image gears.

Volume – The Neglected Indicator? Find Out How to Use Volume

In an open tab, select the style Style. How to adjust the picture - a private matter of each trader. For example, I like to color indicator kept as bright as possible. So I open the palette green square imageand choose the most vivid green.

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And then in the same way - and red. If suddenly you want to use other contrasting colors - of course, so too it is possible. To do this, move the slider to the appropriate settings to the right. Of course, it can be done and more intense, if you plan to pay attention to this indicator.

Why Is Volume Important?

Of course, the binary options indicator volumes of your work is not directly dependent on how much brighter color display on the screen.

But you need to understand the specifics of the trader in the field of binary options. Before the monitor has binary options indicator volumes sit for a long time, and sometimes just for the sake of one or two good deals on large sums. Hence, bright colors, and at least the other data. Generalities can be divided into two halves - at least, such an indicator is the most convenient for me. At the top of the candle are at the bottom - the data on the volume of the goods.

To schedule became so, as reflected in my figure, you need to select the item Ummerge Up menu.

Trading Volume In The Forex Market: How To Use It To Your Advantage

If the default schedule Live binary option is divided into two parts, they may be unequal in size. In this case, the boundary can be moved manually with the mouse. Note the figures on the right side of the screen display. Upper bar near the site with candles chart shows the value of the asset, and the bottom near the site of the chart with the data volumes - the total value of the volume.

The main recommendations for options trading using indicators Volume is as follows.

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The option binary options indicator volumes raise is made, if the candle on a large volume high bar incident red.

An option for a fall is made, if the candle on a large volume increasing green. After the conclusion of transactions also need to monitor price fluctuations. Good signals may occur rarely a few times per daybut they can be used to complete a plus deals. Why Volume are efficacious only in the case of transactions on the shares or binary options indicator volumes, but with currency pairs it is better not to use?

The fact that working with such an indicator of binary options you need when there is accurate data on real earnings on the net volume of purchases.

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If this condition is met, the currency pairs in this respect is much less reliable for products and promotions. But binary options indicator volumes fact he, as was said above, can also be an independent reliable signal. So, if the market for options long remains a calm trend, and then there is a surge - this is a very high probability of a reversal.

Simply explained on-balance volume

You can trade by paying attention to the middle line. This strategy is called "breakdown".

Why not trade in the direction the big guys are going and volumes are the ones to show the direction, right? Binary Options Volume Indicator However, this does not mean we should not trade forex based on the volumes one broker is showing and actually there is even a strategy for that. One should go on the hourly chart and scroll back in time and look for the last biggest volume candles in both bullish and bearish markets. How to Use Volumes? As mentioned earlier, this may give an educated guess for the trader that trades with volumes in the sense that it is forming an idea regarding what the market is looking for, but in the end it is only an average.

If the line is formed before candles in a row, this is a sign that the market is calm, and there may be a splash. After the chart breaks the middle line, you need to open the option to raise green candle or lower red. Working with volume indicators would involve active use and other indicators and tools. Narrow specialization in working with binary options - this is not a winning policy. If your "arsenal" of strategies and methods of trading options is great, your predictions will increasingly come to pass, and the transaction - completed positively!

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This is a basic technical tool that is able to give an overall picture of the market, as well as assess its prospects. Most modern strategies do not take into account the volume, and this indicator is able to clearly demonstrate the mood of the participants in the market.

By the way, if you open the Live Chart, then this indicator will already open there by default when choosing any trading asset and on any timeframe.

A look at volume based indicators

The indicator itself consists of three elements: green bars - signals about an increase in trading volumes for this asset. First of all, the Volume indicator is needed in order to see the state of activity in the market at a given time. But these are tick volumes, not real ones.

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Volume will only help identify areas of attenuation and increased market activity. It does not give any idea about the current trend, so it can only be used as an auxiliary tool.

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