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Description 4 difficulty levels, 5 different sizes LogiBrain Binary is a new challenging logic puzzle game. Although the binary puzzle consists only of zeros and ones, solving is certainly not easy.

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We can guarantee you hours of fun and logic. What are binary puzzles?

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A binary puzzle is a logic puzzle in which numbers should be placed in boxes. Most grids consist of 10x10 boxes, but there are also 6x6, 8x8, 12x12 and 14x14 grids.


The aim is to fill a grid with ones and zeros. In a given puzzle are already a number of boxes filled. Each box should contain a "1" or a "0". No more than two similar numbers next to each other in a row.

Each row and each column is unique No two rows and columns are exactly the same. Each binary puzzle has only one correct solution, this solution can always be found without gambling!

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The first click on the empty field sets the field to "0", a second click to "1", a third click empties the field. Simple rules but hours of puzzle fun.

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Avoid trios 3 same numbers If two cells binar errors 5s the same figure with an empty cell in between, this empty cell can be filled in with the other digit. Fill binar errors 5s and columns Each row and each column has the same number of zeroes and ones.

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If the maximum number of zeroes has been reached in a row or column it can be filled in a one in the other cells, and vice versa. Eliminate other impossible combinations Make binar errors 5s that certain combinations may or may not be possible in rows or columns.

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