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This free service allows you to top up your account automatically - when you need it.

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Register your credit card today and sign up! Never worry about running out of airtime.

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Never worry about refilling your account. Strategy 1 2 3 binary options unused prepaid balance best mobile earnings with fast top- up carried over to the next month.

Select Options 3—4—2.

Perfect for Pay by the Minute and Pay by the Day plans! For your security, the name and address of your account must match the information registered with your credit card's financial institution.

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Only credit cards issued by Canadian financial institutions are accepted. Only one card at a time can be registered.

Using your mobile phone is the most convenient way to Top Up. Select the Prepay number you want to Top Up. Tap 'Balance', and then select the amount to Top Up. Enter your payment details to finish. Fast Top Up on the Vodafone website.

For joint account cards, only the primary holder name and address will be accepted. You may top up through IVR, online or on your device.

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Please note there is a limit of 5 credit card top ups for every day period. The credit card payment service does not accept cards with both the Interac logo and a Visa Debit or Debit MasterCard logo.

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Full Details Offers available for a limited time and subject to change without notice. If your automatic Auto Top-Up credit card payment fails for your Pay by the Month plan or add-on, please note that regular pay-per-use rates will apply. Any unused balance will be carried over to the next month.

With mobile wallet services and pay by phone apps, we can make purchases in-store, pay back generous pals, and even transfer money to foreign countries using our touchscreens. Debit and credit cards gave cash a run for their money, but now payment by phone is entering the race. E-commerce apps are big business. With tons of apps and features to choose from, it can be hard to know the best way to pay with your smartphone. So let Fueled cash you up on ten ways to pay with your smartphone

You won't have to worry about running out of airtime ever again! However, most banks are phasing it out in favour of providing co-badged cards.

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They are easy to recognize: if you see the Interac logo along with the Visa or Mastercard logo of your debit card, you own a co-badged card. Your co-badged card can still handle Interac transactions in stores and ATM withdrawals, as well as Pay As You Go top-ups, but it now uses a different network for online payments.

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This was a decision made by your financial institution, so it's best to contact them if you have questions about Interac Online.