Assistant for turbo options, What is TurboTax Live?

If you have any questions, please reference the information below.

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Some sites are closing as a result of ongoing health concerns. You can attempt to self-prepare. If you qualify, there are a number of online free filing options.

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If you are a foreign student, there is NOT a free filing option available to you. You will have the added assurance that this firm specializes in foreign students. If you are interest, please contact Hughes and Szuberla at their website to fill out an intake form.

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The IRS is expected to options on ticks the filing deadline April 15 to a later date but has not done so as of the date and time of this posting.

Volunteers at this location are SDSU students that have been trained and certified by the IRS to prepare federal and California state income tax returns free of charge. Many students and other community members do not have access to affordable tax preparation services or are unaware of tax programs e.

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International students often need special assistance to navigate this unfamiliar assistant for turbo options complex area of tax law.