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Copy URL By Megan Boley Guest expectations are no longer confined to in-room amenities — they expand beyond to encompass a variety of services, activities, experiences, and all-inclusive packages.

It involves so many other aspects that guests not only expect but eagerly look forward to. This being the reality, how can hotels increase their non-room revenue? And there should be, after all, it is a crucial aspect the industry!

What do you have to offer that no one else does? Is it your destination? Your particular location within your city? Architecture and design?

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Amenity offerings? What are your most popular offerings? What do guests love about staying at your hotel? Is it the service? The food and beverage? Your pool and spa? Why would someone choose your hotel over others?

  1. 6 Hacks for Hotels to Increase Non-Room Revenue
  2. Dynamic Pricing Strategy Hotels have perishable inventory.

With these things in mind, you can chart your course for how to best augment your offerings to generate more hotel revenue. Host entertainment events at your property. Work with local performers, entertainers, or musicians to bring them to your hotel for events on a regular basis.

Invite local bands to play during happy hour in your hotel bar or restaurantor host weekly concerts that showcase new musicians or the best local talent. Aloft does Live at Aloft Hotels — live, intimate performances from local and emerging artists. Get started boosting your hotel business today 2. Cater to the needs of locals. Convert your hotel into a community hub and everyday problem solver for locals. AccorHotels calls this concept augmented hospitality.

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Augmented hospitality means hotels provide everyday services to locals — additional sources of hotel income than lodging — that helps them in their lives. Through this program, hoteliers can choose which amenities they offer depending on local demand, and which local products they sell in their hotel depending on relationships with local vendors. Think about what locals in your community need and provide it. Is it a community gathering place?

Dry-cleaning services? Luggage storage?

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Access to amenities? Work with local businesses and offer their services to the community in your hotel outside of normal business operating hours. Offer pet services. Many people and families want to travel with their pets, so offering pet services and being a pet-friendly property has the potential to attract more business. It includes a dog bed, collar, leash, and coat designed by Barbour, and a one-hour grooming session. The package also includes organic dishes made for your dog at the hotel restaurant.

Offer hotel services to local rental properties. Additional sources of hotel income your hotel services like concierge, maintenance, access to hotel manager, housekeeping services, and use of pool, gym, and other hotel amenities to nearby rental properties.

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Bermondsey Square hotel in London offers housekeeping, maintenance, and luggage storage services to Airbnbs within a one-mile radius. Airbnb guests also have hour access to the hotel manager for any support they might need. Make your hotel kid-friendly.

Rent out your amenities. Consider offering monthly memberships to use your facilities, like the pool and the gym.

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Local community groups might need a gathering place for a weeknight meeting for a few hours additional sources of hotel income offer up short-term rentals of conference rooms for small local meetings or events. Opening up your parking spaces for monthly rentals or pay-by-the-hour could be another way to boost your hotel's revenue. Or, upsell existing guests with late check-out or early check-in.

The question is simple, but answering it can be a challenge. Take a look at a map of the whole battlefield and find out where your strongest and weakest points are. Image source Who are your guests? Why are they staying with you? Are they travelling on business or leisure?

During the booking process, provide the option to arrive a little earlier or leave a little later for an extra fee. Offer special discounts. Have Alexa or Google share promotions based on the weather or what hotel events are coming up.

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If the weather is poor, have Alexa suggest information about a spa treatment. Advertise weekend brunch specials on the Friday before. People increasingly want experiences over material things. Provide an in-room chef who will make the dish right in front of them, or a mixologist who will prepare drinks from the comfort of their own room.

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Personal cooking classes or demonstrations with the hotel restaurant chef could be a unique way to forge a personal connection with guests and give them an unforgettable experience. Encourage guest referrals. This one is a two-for-one benefit for your hotel. By incentivizing guests to refer their friends and family to stay at your hotel, you have a chance at winning new business — and repeat business.

If a guest refers a friend to stay with you, offer them a discount on their next stay, and offer a discount or freebie to the new guest. Marriott Rewards offers a referral program for members of their loyalty program. Members get 10, points per referral, and for every stay their referral makes up to five staysthe member can earn additional points.

Offer packages based on guest preferences. Focus on their personal interests and preferences and offer packages designed exclusively for them. If you know the guest is interested in local food and breweries, bundle a pub crawl and discounts at a nearby restaurant with their room nights. Additional sources of hotel income up your own tours and activities. Organize your own tours of the city or partner with a local agency to provide these kinds of add-ons to your guests.

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Consider working with your local CVB or DMO to connect guests with the best experiences your destination has to offer. Surf lessons, guided hikes, bike tours, walking tours, museum-hopping, and kayaking and canoeing rentals are just a few ideas of activities you can offer to guests. Offer local food and beverage in-room and for sale in the lobby.

Partner with local cafes, restaurants, breweries, additional sources of hotel income wineries to provide guests with an authentic taste of your town. Stock rooms with a basket of small free samples and have the larger versions available for purchase in the minibar or in the lobby snack shop.

Offer amenities for purchase. Partner with your suppliers to offer in-room amenities for guest purchase. Especially if you know your guests rave about certain amenities in their reviews, like the softness of the pillows or the quality of the towels, make sure to offer those things for purchase. Upgrade your loyalty program. Loyalty programs help boost interaction frequency with guests.

How to increase our revenue? This is the question we get over the meeting table from time to time by hoteliers. While it is an easy question for us to answer, it is not an easy task for managers; it requires a lot of organization, promotion, and effort. If you are serious on increasing your revenue get your marketing and sales team aboard and put some time aside to execute these steps: 1.

It also encourages guests to book rooms using their points, which supports hotel occupancy. Knowing not only who they are and what they like, but knowing who they want to be when they stay with us.

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Create a seamless app experience. Apps like Amazon and Uber are examples of seamless experiences. With just one touch, the transaction is complete and the item or service is on the way. IHG partnered with OpenTable and Grubhub to allow guests to order delivery or make a restaurant reservation and earn rewards points. Guests can also connect their credit or debit cards to their IHG Rewards account and earn points if they dine at thousands of qualified restaurants across the country.

It also provides flexibility, where members can choose how and when they use additional sources of hotel income points to redeem Rewards Nights stays. Offer exclusive experiences. Experiences matter more than possessions.

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Loyalty members can get exclusive offers like VIP concert access, tickets to sporting events, and midnight visits to the Great Pyramid of Giza. Offer fun experiences for online earnings at home guests, like a cooking class with your chef or a guided tour of a local museum.

Take those experiences to the next level for your rewards members, like with a private dining option and tasting menu, or a backstage pass to a concert of their choosing.

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Put these revenue generating ideas for hotels to use today! Up next, explore just how important hotel SEO is, and discover how you can use it to maximize your visibility.

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