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The idea is that you use the app to watch advertising videos and to try new apps. And whenever you do, you get paid for it. You can also complete other types of offers, which makes this app a full-fledged offer app—which is a very popular type of app right now.

There's a New App That Supposedly Pays You to Watch Videos

Offer apps are all over the place. I myself have tried and reviewed probably dozens of them at this point. But I usually find the same basic downfalls in every one of them. Usually, these types of apps do not pay enough to make them worth the time.

22 Best Sites That Pay You For Watching Videos on YouTube or TV

But would Watch And Earn be any different? Here is what you need to know. The logo was displayed nicely while it loaded. Here is what it looked like.

Can You Really Make Money Watching TV?

Then, I came to a screen where it wanted me to enter my country and my phone number. I wrote out my phone number and selected my country.

It then wanted me to verify my phone number by calling another number and then just hanging up after I heard a couple of beeps. I called the number, but when I connected, it said that all circuits were busy. So then when I exited out of the call, it asked me if I wanted to verify a different way.

A fine watch gives an immediate boost of confidence to every man who wears one. You develop an immediate connection with the person that can help build business and personal relationships. Are we watch brothers? Pretty cool.

I said yes. So then the app told me that I would be receiving a missed call, and that I should copy and paste that number into a confirmation box. So I waited for a moment. And sure enough—a missed call popped up.

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I copied the number to my phone clipboard and then tried to go back to the app. But when I did, the app seemed to glitch out and then closed. So I opened it back up, and it was once again asking me to select my country and put in my phone number.

Internet earnings what happens

I figured that it had just crashed and that I would have to start the process over again. Ok, no big deal. I did it… but when I entered my phone number this time, I got this message.

How To Buy And Sell Luxury Watches For A Profit

Say what now? So my current phone number was already registered, but I had no way to log in or anything? I opened and closed the app several times to try to figure out a way past this. I looked around at everything I could find, but found no options.

There seemed to be no legitimate way to overcome this problem.

DoublePay Swagbucks is also known as being a paid survey company, but they also offer payouts for watching videos. You are not going to earn as much as InboxDollars, but there are many more categories to choose from such as entertainment, travel, home, etc. Since you might be at work or trying to multitask here is a great hack: open up the videos on a new tab in your browser, turn the sound off, and let them play in the background. After you set up an accountyou can also download the Swagbucks mobile app and watch videos on your phone. This is great because once you get them started you can literally set your phone down and continue doing what you were doing working, cooking, cleaning.

So now that I had no real feasible way to use the app, I decided to head back to the Google Play Store to do some research in the reviews. Maybe I would find something to help me? Here is what happened. Here are just two examples of reviews where people had different issues with it… and neither of these sound like a good time.

I am a creative director at a premium cable channel, and I can tell you right now that I get paid to watch TV. I don't watch it all day, every day.

So many of these apps are so similar. They come out and get hit with a huge wave of positive reviews in the beginning. Then, after a while, it is like all negative reviews… trickling in as people experience issues with the app.

I am almost tired of this game that app developers seem to play. These offer apps are all SO similar… it is uncanny, and not in a good way.

Can You Really Make Money With The Watch And Earn App?

Anyway, I kept on reading through the reviews to see if anyone had had an experience similar to mine. And bam. I found it. Someone who experienced the exact same problem as me. And the review was even packed in between two other different kinds of negative reviews… so you get 3 for 1 with this screen shot! But I almost find it laughable. There are so many reviews with no responses… and it all just seems like a great big joke to me.

I hate to be so down on the app. I am not trying to be negative for no reason.

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I am simply trying to give our readers the most honest feedback about the app that I can provide—and I am afraid that I have had very little chance to experience anything good about this one. On a positive note, I liked the graphics and the way the app looked.

It just went really downhill really quickly after that. How difficult is it to produce an app that works?

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Even if it is not super popular, at least a functioning, well-running app is a good starting point, right? You would think that it would be worth the time to fix the issues. But in their defense, I must also say that this is not the first time that I have seen an app not work right.

I have seen several offer apps just fail right from the start, and have had very similar experiences with many different apps from the Google Play marketplace. So it is not just the Watch And Earn app that suffers from these problems. These are problems that plague a lot of apps in this category. It is just unfortunate that these problems have to exist at all, because the app could always have potential.

Where you can really make money on a watch oh well. I guess we will never know about this one. I was not a big fan of it, as I experienced a glitch very early on in the process that really kept me from even using it.

16 Easy Ways to Get Paid to Watch Videos Online in 2021

I do feel like the idea where you can really make money on a watch some merit, as these ideas usually do. But it is the execution of the idea that makes the difference.

And I really felt like this idea was not executed very well at all. I love the general idea behind the app. I love the idea of watching videos to earn money, and I am more than willing to give any app that offers to pay you for completing tasks a try. I will certainly need to make enough money to make it worth it if I am going to keep spending time on it.

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But I would be more than happy to try it out and give it a chance. I feel like this app would have a lot more potential if they where to make enough money the issues and started really trying.

I do understand that some customers are just lost causes, and I know that there is only a certain amount of energy you can put into something like this before you call it a day. But I also know that it looks like the app team could be doing a lot more than they are. I am not sure if this app is profitable for them or not—but I actually doubt that it is. How could it be? People are barely using it before casting it aside, from the sound of it.

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  • Also known as a YouTuber, you share or publish videos on YouTube, just like many others.
  • A few years ago, it would have been ridiculous to ask this question, but today, it is possible to make money watching TV.

It does have a lot of positive reviews as well. But a lot of them are older, and I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist—but at this point, with what I have seen, I am not even sure how much I trust positive Google Play reviews.

But whatever. That is a subject for another day. Most of the time, you'll only make a few dollars per month. Personally, I think my time is worth more than that! That's why in I learned how to make my own affiliate website and earn money through online advertising.