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After the TWA Flight disaster, a revision was made to aircraft fuel systems to address the potential explosion hazard of electrical components located in the fuel tank.

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Single-engine piston aircraft fuel level systems moved to utilize float level gauges from the CNG and LPG industries which had bellamy options float drive a magnetic coupling and relocated the potentiometer outside the fuel tank. Some single-engine aircraft use capacitive probes in the fuel tanks. As fuel is burned, more air enters the tank and the capacitance increases; this is read by a computer and the fuel amount is calculated and displayed to the pilots.

Full aircraft ownership allows full control over every aspect of the capital investment, operation, liability, and cost safety, security, schedule, maintenance, personnel, liability, and regulation compliance. Most owners of complex aircraft choose to employ a full-time flight department or a professional aviation management company to run the day-to-day aircraft operations.

Magneto Resistive Level Sensor Recent advances in magnetoresistive technology have evolved new fuel level sensors for general aviation applications. What is an option to supply aircraft system is not affected by any additive or fuel combination to replace LL for piston-powered aircraft.

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Multi-engine aircraft fuel system[ edit ] Adding tanks and engines increases the complexity of the fuel system and its management. Additional features found in multi-engine aircraft are: Each wing tank often has its own electric boost fuel pumpand each engine has its own mechanical pump, replicating the fuel system described above for the single engine.

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In case of single-engine operation, there is often a method incorporated to "cross-feed" the engine left tank feeding right engine, or vice versa. To balance asymmetric weight, flow valves and pumps often are used to feed both engines from one tank or simply to transfer fuel between tanks. Turbine fuel system[ edit ] All of the considerations made for the twin piston are applicable to turbine fuel systems.

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Additional consideration apply because of the higher altitudes, different fuel, lower temperatures, and longer flights. Many are pressurized with engine bleed air to keep moist air out and ensure positive pressure feed to the pumps.

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In larger aircraft, fuel tanks also are in the fuselage and their load affects the center of gravity of the aircraft. This imposes limitations what is an option to supply aircraft the amount of fuel carried and the order in which fuel must be used.

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Turbine engines burn fuel faster than reciprocating engines do. Because fuel needs to be injected in to a combustorthe injection system of a turbine aircraft must provide fuel at higher pressure and flow compared to that for a piston engine aircraft. The refueling system of larger aircraft includes a single positive pressure refueling point from which all tanks can be fueled.

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How much and to which tanks fuel is fed during refueling operations is determined by the controls in the refueling panel, usually installed nearby and accessible to ground crews. External tanks[ edit ] External tanks are used to extend the range of an aircraft.

Drop tanks are used by combat aircraft that need to discard them after use for performance reasons. To transfer fuel from the tip tank to the main tank on each side, there must be a fuel pump in the tip tank.