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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday night announced a virus removal earnings new stay-at-home order, as authorities struggle to stem a surge in COVID infections that threatens to overwhelm hospitals around the U.

India authorized two COVID vaccines on Sunday, paving virus removal earnings way for a huge inoculation program to stem the coronavirus pandemic in the world's second most populous country. Amid public outcry, France's health minister promised Tuesday an "exponential" acceleration of his country's shockingly slow coronavirus vaccination process.

After barely people in France were vaccinated in the first six days, Virus removal earnings Minister Olivier Veran defended the government's strategy of giving the vaccines first to residents of nursing homes.

Further measures were put in place Tuesday as part of lockdown restrictions in a bid to halt the spread of the coronavirus. In Mexico, it is customary for people to give gifts on the Jan. In response to to rising infections the country has reintroduced a night curfew, banned public gatherings, and indefinitely suspended the opening of schools.

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga says vaccine approval is being speeded up to curb the spread of the coronavirus, and he promised to consider declaring a state of emergency. The Japanese capital confirmed more than new coronavirus cases on Tuesday.

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Spain plans to receive over 4. The government estimates that this first phase will be enough to cover nursing home residents and workers, followed by health workers in general and people with disabilities.

Belgium's vaccination campaign started for good Tuesday, with residents and staff in care homes across the virus removal earnings with England headed back into lockdown. Germany reported one of its highest daily death tolls to date Tuesday.

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South Africa and Brazil are struggling to find space for the dead. Even pandemic success story Thailand is fighting an unexpected wave of infections. And as doctors face or brace for rising numbers of COVID patients after end-of-year holiday gatherings, more and more countries are reporting cases of a new, more contagious variant that has already swept across Britain.

Margaret Harris, a spokeswoman for the World Health Organization.

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  • This year they made another last-minute appearance, finding a hold in their own division of the 5,page bill to fund the government through the fiscal year and provide additional coronavirus relief through March.
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We want to look at something else. It really is all hands on deck.

Proposed N.J. Bill Would Require Insurers to Pay COVID-19 Business Interruption Claims

These are the hard miles. Prime Minister Boris Virus removal earnings tough new stay-at-home order for England took effect at midnight. Scottish leader Nicola Sturgeon imposed a lockdown that began Tuesday.

The two leaders said the restrictions are needed to protect the National Health Service amid the emergence of the new variant that has sent daily infections, hospitalizations and deaths soaring.

Pandemic haunts new year as virus growth outpaces vaccines

Elsewhere in Europe, Italy and Germany extended their Christmastime lockdowns, Spain is restricting travel, and Denmark lowered the number of people who can gather in public from 10 to five. France is likely to announce tougher measures Thursday, and Ukraine is closing schools and restaurants starting Friday.

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In Latin America, some warn the worst is yet to come. Brazil's number of patients in intensive care reached its highest level virus removal earnings August, just as the nation reopened shops and offices after the end-of-year holidays — and the vast country still hasn't approved or received any vaccines.

Its beach resorts are readying for more cases after thousands of U. He blamed the rise on fatigue with social distancing, mixed messages from public figures and Mexicans lowering their guard during the holidays. Zimbabwe reintroduced a curfew, banned public gatherings and indefinitely suspended the opening of schools.

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We have run out of coffins, we have run out of space at the mortuary," he said. Thailand is facing a surge that has infected thousands in the past few weeks, blamed on complacency and poor planning.

The government is locking down large parts of the country, including the capital, Bangkok, and considering tougher measures. Pope Francis abandoned an annual ritual of baptizing babies in the Sistine Chapel tied to Wednesday's Epiphany holiday.

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Orthodox Christian countries like Russia and Greece could face more infections after they celebrate Christmas on Thursday. And China is closing schools early ahead of next month's Lunar New Year virus removal earnings, telling migrant workers not to go home and tourists to avoid Beijing.

Vaccinations are getting off to a slow start in many places. In the U.

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The Netherlands has come under heavy criticism for being the last European Union nation to start inoculations, which it will do Wednesday. Australia isn't planning to do so until March. And most poorer countries are even further behind. Its infection rate is down significantly from a September peak, and the country is kicking off one of the largest inoculation programs in the world, aiming at vaccinating million people by August.

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