Video chat without tokens

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Key Features Possibility of anonymous communication: Registration of a classic account in XPrivate Chat is not mandatory, to start communication it is only necessary to provide another person with your ID generated by the application during the installation. This function is in video chat without tokens for businesses and brands willing to promote their services. Xprivate Chat provides a full-fledged mechanism for communicating with subscribers a channel for publishing materials, webcasts, group and individual chat rooms and a convenient way to accept payment for the adverts.

Rewards for popular content: XPrivate Chat provides all users with the opportunity to give remuneration for allowing adverts to show on their account, thereby sending a certain amount of XPC to them. Free use: All the main functions of Xprivate Chat are absolutely free.

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Payment is charged only for additional opportunities associated with infrastructure costs advertisement and some Pro services and access to the copyright content of other video chat without tokens.

A lightweight wallet allows you to keep control over Privacy, but it eliminates the need to load a complete chain of blocks, the size of which can be tens of gigabytes. Micropayments support: With the spread of offline technologies Raiden Network, Liquidity Network, etc.

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Transfers and payments made in XPC internal currency, are conducted without commissions, as they do not require the payment of transactions commissions in the XPrivate. According to statistics, the global Messaging Platform is expected to be worth

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