Unusual ways to make money on the Internet

These portable income-generators can provide funds from a laptop at a kitchen table…and can be easy, productive ways to create a side hustle that pays, starting fast.

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To participate in a survey, you create your profile. You can then apply for projects. In addition to surveys, it also pays for participation in online discussions and webcam interviews.

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The company provides compensation in the form of gift cards with six-month expiration dates. But if you do make it into one or two, you could potentially walk away with some pretty substantial payments.

Become a Voice-Over Artist Voice-over VO artists are people who lend their voice to commercials, audiobooks, animated series and films, radio ads, and all sorts of things.

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After retiring from her job as a hospital manager, Mellissa Harlow turned her hand to voice-overs. She signed up to online platforms where she could find freelance VO assignments—like Fiverr, Upwork, Voices, and Voice She designed and created her own website dedicated to her voice over business by using the free version of WordPress.

41 Weird & Creative Ways To Make Money Online

Online Mock Juror The verdict is in… and folks can make some extra cash as an online mock juror. Attorneys preparing for trial have long hired mock juries to test out the strengths and weaknesses of their cases.

Users registered on the site receive an email invitation after an attorney has posted a case in their venue.

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They then have the option to participate in the case by clicking on a link within the email. It pays to keep a close eye on your inbox, as spots can fill up fast. Not just any websites, of course…These people tell you exactly what they need.

Respondent is different.

You just look it up for them, e-mail it to them…and get paid. The majority of baby boomers have expansive domains of knowledge.

No Comments Many people are always on the look out for easy ways to make money online from home. A word of warning: the tasks below are not for everyone.

This is because boomers typically have decades of career experience. A long career in one or unusual ways to make money on the Internet industries provides a solid foundation on which to find success as an online freelance researcher.

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Knowledge on how to train and orient new employees coming into a large company from a college or trade background. Awareness of best practices for supervising employees during corporate restructuring.

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And knowledge of how to brief and train team members when new government regulations come into effect. Niche E-books Finding your niche and writing about it could be just the thing for you.

Where once you needed an agent who could pitch your proposal to book publishers, today all you need is a computer, an idea for a book, and a free account at any of the e-book publishing sites. With that trio, you can start earning passive income.

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