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Abstract Objective: To analyze stigmatization processes and types of violence experienced by individuals with mental disorders. The analysis categories were constructed based on the stigma concept proposed by Goffman, and four types of violence were systematized: interpersonal, institutional, symbolic and structural.

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Results: Users and family members recounted examples of disqualification, reprimands, embarrassment, humiliation, negligence and physical aggression that had the aims of domination, exploitation and oppression. Professionals reported that people who suffer from mental disorders remain the target of prejudice that is culturally types of dealing centers and naturalized.

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The main consequence is continuation of their isolation from social life as a form of 'treatment' or as an excluding attitude manifested by discriminatory reactions in the form of rejection, indifference and verbal or physical aggressiveness. Conclusions: The various ways of expressing stigma denote a sociocultural situation of violence against individuals with mental disorders.

It is proposed that state monitoring bodies capable of planning and evaluating countermeasures against stigmatization should be set up.

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