Turbo option video, What is Turbo mode?

Using the Video Section The Turbo theme includes a 'Video' homepage section which allows you to get creative by telling your story or showing your products being used in real life.

Turbo mode

Although there is limited browser support for autoplaying videosthe 'Video' section includes an option to enable autoplay if possible. The section settings determine the look and layout of this section!

Wide Display You can turbo option video to enable 'wide display' so this section will spread out the full width of the screen.

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Otherwise, the section will sit in a 'container' on the homepage and not span the full width: Aspect Ratio An 'aspect ratio' is the ratio of its width to its height. In the video section, there are two options for aspect turbo option video and Autoplay If you enable the 'autoplay' setting, your video will then play automatically - if possible.

Nearly all of the major browsers have added some limitations on videos to prevent them from autoplaying. Although turbo option video can no longer be guaranteed, we have an article that provides some tips to help increase the likelihood for your videos.

DROID TURBO by Motorola - Share Video from Gallery

Autoloop If you enable the 'autoloop' setting, once your video has ended, it will then start over again automatically.

Enabling the 'darken video' setting will add a subtle overlay on top of your video. Video Link Here's where you add your actual video link!

This section will accept both Vimeo and YouTube links.

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It's recommended to upload both files for maximum compatibility, but only the MP4 file needs to be specified. You can also host these files on a third-party server other than Shopify.

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You can then copy and paste the file URL into this field. Image You can upload an optional placeholder banner image that will display before clicking to view the video.

Scripting must be enabled to use this site.

And image size of x px is recommended. Show Text on Video If you've added any text or buttons to this section, enabling the 'show text on video' setting will display this content while the video is playing.

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If you turbo option video a placeholder image enabled, the text will appear on the image, but disappear once the video starts to play. If you do not have a placeholder image enabled, you will need to enable the 'show text on video' setting in order for the text to display. Text position Here you can choose the position of your text and buttons if you've added any!

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Choose from left, center, or right: Text alignment Here you can choose the alignment of your text and buttons if you've added any! These settings will add a background behind the text and can be a good idea if you're looking for more of a contrast for legibility purposes.

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You can also choose to enable the 'Highlight first button' and 'Highlight second button' settings as well, this will then display your buttons 'filled-in' as opposed to the outline design.