Try binary options with a demo account, Demo Accounts

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If you are a beginner in the world of binary trading, it is highly advised to first practice trading on the demo account. This way you can get familiar with the way that trading works without risking any real money.

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You will also be able to test different strategies and learn by your own experience. Once you are satisfied with the results you are getting on your practice account, you can upgrade to real account and give it a try for real.

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Having a demo account available besides your real trading account also holds many advantages. This way you always have the trading platform available in two modes, and you can trade your proven strategies on the real account and use the demo for testing out new systems.

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The first step for any beginner is definitely opening at least one demo trading account. However, it is advised to open multiple virtual accounts with different brokers, so you can actually see the difference between trading platforms.

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Besides different return rates, each platform has a different 'feel' to it, and it might be that when you are not successful with one platform, you might find another one more suitable for your trading style.