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  • The Bottom Line Donald Trump is unquestionably the wealthiest person to inhabit the White House, but getting an exact figure on his net worth?
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The Trump trend is your friend Do you really want to get into a fight with Trump? Amazingly, people do.

How to Make Easy Money off a Trump Administration - Mauldin Economics

People get into a fight with Trump all the time. Lots of people out there are trying to short bonds. The president is literally ordering the central bank to lower interest rates and threatening to fire the head guy unless he gets his way.

He can hold rallies, hire staff and even lay groundwork for a potential run. President Trump during a rally in Valdosta, Ga. Trump will exit the White House as a private citizen next month perched atop a pile of campaign cash unheard-of for an outgoing president, and with few legal limits on how he can spend it. Deflated by a loss he has yet to acknowledge, Mr.

And you want to short bonds? He has obliterated decades of presidential norms and set a precedent that will result in more executive interference at the Fed, resulting in eventually sharply higher inflation. So, yes, it is unquestionably bad. Let me tell you how powerful this is: Trump has been badgering the Fed for months.

How front-running what Trump wants is a way to make money in stocks - MarketWatch

Interest rates have been coming down. Interest rates have been coming down around the world, in sympathy. Trump has lowered interest rates globally. You want to get into a fight with this? Lots of people out there saying bonds are overbought.

What Is Donald Trump’s Actual Net Worth?

The office will never be the same. Predicting Trump The goal here is to front-run Trump.

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  • He has told supporters "I am really rich" and "I've always been good at making money".
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The thing about Trump is that he really only focuses on one thing at a time. Back when tax reform was going on, Trump was focused on it to the exclusion of all else.

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I figured that tariffs were coming, and I made a bunch of steel stock recommendations for my newsletter subscribers. They were great trades. Of course, the steel stocks are well off the highs and the tariffs have been counterproductive, but it was a great trade at the time, which is all that counts.

What Is Donald Trump’s Actual Net Worth?

Right now, Trump is focused on the Fed. What comes after the Fed? Honestly, I think he is trump how to make money to be focused on the Fed along with the European Central Bank and the price of oil for a really long time.

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Imagine you had a Bloomberg terminal and you had the power to affect any price in the world. In a way, having Trump as president has made trading easier rather than harder.

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We know where Trump stands accurate signals for trading just about every financial asset in the world. Short tech.

Trump’s Future: Tons of Cash and Plenty of Options for Spending It

Trump thinks drug prices are too high. Short health care.

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Trump likes oil and coal and mining and such. Trump hates Mexico and loves Japan. The list goes on and on and on. It would be one of the best ETF launches of all time. That sounds like a far more productive use of your time. Subscribe to his weekly investment newsletter, The 10th Man.

Trump's White House Has Been A Money-Making Machine

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