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V is one of the dominant digital payments brands globally, providing services in more than countries to individual consumers, merchants, financial institutions, and governments. The company provides a broad range of services, which include authorization, clearing, and settlement services for financial institutions and merchants. Additionally, while Visa does not issue credit or debit cards, the company does provide credit, debit, and prepaid card services to consumers and businesses.

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The company does not profit from the interest charged on Visa-branded card payments, which instead goes to the card-issuing financial institution. Key Takeaways Visa is a digital payments company providing transactions between financial institutions, consumers, merchants, and banks.

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The company's data processing operations generate the largest portion of revenue. Visa's strategy is to aggressively expand its presence transactions with money to earn contactless payments, e-commerce, and other digital vehicles. Visa recently acquired fintech company YellowPepper.

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Net income declined Visa indicated that these annual revenue declines were mostly due to year-over-year YOY changes in payments volume, cross-border volume, and processed transactions, all of which were impacted by COVID But it routinely divides its revenue into four subsegments, which are the major generators of revenue for the company.

This is separate from the authorization, clearing, and settlement related to the company's payment services, which is included elsewhere. This is up 1.

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This figure is up 6. Revenue for this component was down These sources are grouped together as Other.

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Other revenue rose 9. It marks Visa's first acquisition of this kind in the region and will help to accelerate the company's "network of networks" strategy.

Visa said it will now be able to offer a transactions with money to earn point of access for initiating different types of transactions and enabling the secure transfer of money.

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We examined the data Visa releases to show you how it reports the diversity of its board and workforce to help readers make educated purchasing and investing decisions. Below is a table of potential diversity measurements.

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