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Identify the types of options and the risks associated with them Describe the value of an option at expiration Calculate the time value of an option Recognize applications for stock options Identify index options and how they are used Discuss interest rate options and their role in investment strategies Recognize the uses of caps, floors, and collars in managing investment risk Recognize ways that spreads can be used as combination strategies Identify traits of specific portfolio management strategies Identify training on options different kinds of volatility plays make money Identify the concept training on options put-call parity Describe the expected value pricing model and its uses Recognize the use of the binomial lattice model for option pricing Identify factors that impact option price.

Define volatility as it relates to the price of the underlying security Identify the role of standard deviation in training on options annual volatility.

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Describe the impact of the volatility of the underlying on the option premium Identify the key factors affecting how options are priced. Recognize volatility indicators for using the Black-Scholes options pricing model Recognize each of the Greeks.

Identify the role of Delta and Gamma in defining an option's sensitivity to change.

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Identify the role of Theta, Vega, Rho and Psi in defining an option's sensitivity to change Floor and compliance personnel, trade support staff seeking advancement and marketing staff. We Are Located:.

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