Trading robots myth or reality

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With AI-powered platforms, traders can significantly increase their capabilities handling huge amounts of data and constantly improving their forecasts.

Human workers who previously planned financial strategies, not always successfully though, will be replaced by robots, and their job functions will succumb to automation.

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  2. An investor discusses five pressing issues about the future of robots Photo: Tesla Motors Ever faster processors, cheaper sensors, abundant open-source code, ubiquitous connectivity, and the advent of 3D printing are some of the forces behind the recent proliferation of robots.
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Despite all these obvious benefits, there is still some distrust of AIand nobody is entirely sure whether this technology is a boon or a bane.

Myth or Truth?

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Here are some myths about trading robots. Possible unemployment. The global fear that robots will completely take over the trading labor market is pure fiction.

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High Cost. Certainly, AI may cost trading robots myth or reality companies a fortune.

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Developing, installing and maintaining a robot can be expensive. Also, this technology requires costly upgrades and highly qualified specialists to constantly monitor system performance.

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Nevertheless, trading can take advantage of the AI potential and multiply its revenue covering all the initial costs. No one is completely safe from cybercriminals who can invade the system. Artificial intelligence is what traders can rely on since robots not only help to protect the system: they also predict cyber attacks and prevent the possible invasion.

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  • Prev Next 1 of According to some recent research studiesalmost half of forex traders are millennials.

Today, more and more trading companies are beginning to trust AI to improve human decision-making and handle hundreds of transactional operations and investments. Accepting the reality Artificial intelligence is no longer an innovation for Wall Street, and all trading companies have to accept the challenge to stand out.

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This technology has been developed to assist traders in their daily routine as well as to make all the operations faster and more effective. What about the reality?

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Data analytics. The majority of stock markets have already been powered by AI.

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Robots take large amounts of unstructured data for analysis and then make use of it in trades. Error Reduction. AI helps traders to reach greater accuracy and make fewer mistakes in transactions trading robots myth or reality forecasts.

Non-stop work. Unlike people, robots will never get tired. Machines are designed to work without breaks and perform their duties non-stop. Conclusion Robots will obviously have their place in trading as they are able to make unbiased and highly accurate predictions using Big Data.

This question has been going around in all our heads again and again, ever since the moment when the machines began to acquire intelligence. In recent years, this phenomenon has become more exciting due to new developments in automation, artificial intelligence and machine learning.