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Transaction robot is an investment research model proposed by financial investment researcher Gabriel. Its essence is an intelligent trading software.

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The software automatically reads the historical time, price, trading volume, holdings and other data according to preset trading rules and trading judgment algorithms; and judges whether to trade. If the market data meets the transaction judgment algorithm, an order is opened.

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When it detects that the market data meets the closing conditions, it automatically closes the position. The trading robot also automatically counts and plots important information such as the transaction time, transaction amount, final profit level, the number of profitable transactions, the number of losses, and the success rate of each transaction according to the transaction rules. Trading robot Right!

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Transaction Robot is With the launch of the trading platform created by the international professional development team, the manual trading model is expected to change completely. The robot transaction mode makes the entire transaction process from manual operation to most of the completion by robots, thus interrupting the possibility of manual intervention in normal transactions at the beginning of the transaction, making the entire transaction process without human participation.

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For example: intelligent foreign exchange trading robots, Cape Goods trading robot for transaction goods automatic trading platform, various commentary and etiquette robots, smart home controllers, etc.