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Zacks Investment Research Zacks Investment Research is an independent market research outfit known for detailed, engagingly written stock and fund picks that often go against the grain of conventional wisdom.

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For investors who crave more powerful tools to do their own research, the good stuff is inside Zacks Premiumwhich offers a risk-free day trial period.

Zacks Premium Screener, with 45 predefined screens created to outperform the market. The Focus List, a stock portfolio featuring stocks with high long-term earnings potential.

9 Best Stock Advisor Websites , Services and Subscriptions for 2021

For investors looking to build diversified buy-and-hold portfolios, the Focus List is something close to a one-stop shop. The Zacks Earnings Expected Surprise Prediction ESP Filter, which identifies stocks with the highest probability of upside earnings surprises and the accompanying stock-price surges.

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Equity Research Reports for more than 1, of the most widely followed trading news advisor. As of this writing, Zacks is ranked 2 in quantitative research over the past 6 years by Investars. On a pure performance basis, Zacks is hard to beat.

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Stock Rover Stock Rover is a no-nonsense research platform with a wealth of useful tools, metrics, and insights not available anywhere else. The free plan is fine for casual traders and investors, but the lure of its three paid plans may be too much for serious market participants to resist. More than 10 years of historical data for backward-looking analysis Brokerage Connect, a secure way to sync your external brokerage account with your Stock Rover account.

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Proprietary stock ratings and research reports from the Stock Rover team. Time-stamped note-taking capabilities for active traders eager to review their work later.

Stock Rover offers one additional a la carte value-add worth calling out in detail: Stock Rover Research Reports. These comprehensive, up-to-the-minute research reports feature eight pages of proprietary detail, including premium Stock Rover metrics like Margin of Safety, Fair Value, and Stock Rover scores — more than two dozen in all.

The bottom line in all this: If you like what you see in the free plan, give upgrading a shot.

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Subscribers get it an hour early. Trade Ideas Trade Ideas is an AI-powered market strategy platform for serious traders seeking a decisive edge in the kill-or-be-killed world of high-frequency trading.


Its selling points include: Holly, an artificial intelligence investment discovery engine that could help you uncover trading ideas you never knew existed The OddsMaker, a backtester that lets you analyze how your strategies would have performed in historic market conditions Real-time simulated trading paper trading with no risk of principal loss Automated execution through a linked Interactive Brokers account real-world trading One-click trading for rapid execution Breaking news and analysis for specific stocks And, for licensed financial professionals, Trade Ideas boasts an even more powerful suite of AI-enabled backtesting and portfolio management capabilities.

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Although it started as a contributor-powered community for hobbyists, Seeking Alpha trading news advisor professionalized over the years, and the news and analysis it delivers today are top-shelf stuff.

Your two trading news advisor options are: Seeking Alpha Premium.

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Seeking Alpha Premium also includes more details about authors so investors can evaluate their motivations and track records and proprietary quantitative ratings that may reveal trading opportunities. Seeking Alpha PRO.

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They also enjoy VIP customer support by phone and email, and a proprietary Idea Filter that sorts through vast troves of data to highlight potential trading opportunities. Learn More Finance In less competitive times, Yahoo!

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Finance still comes without that pricey subscription. And it still boasts a nice lineup of complimentary analytic tools, research reports, straight financial news, and user-generated content.

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But its free suite is no longer the only game in town — nor the best, at least not for serious investors.

Finance Premiuma reasonably priced package that includes: Real-time news and stock quotes during trading hours Direct trading via linked brokers if your brokerage participates Trading news advisor portfolio watchlist with unlimited stocks Interactive stock charts for research and performance monitoring Daily trading ideas based on your stated interests Curated investment research from trusted third parties.