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Yes, I want to receive emails with explanations regarding the tool and the newsletter. Just put the file into the terminal folder and you can see the signals in the trading chart. Green and red arrow marking are formed at the top and bottom of the candle.

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When the price is most likely to go up the green arrow is formed below the chart. Right at that instant, if the super trend line is colored in green, go for the call options. The expiry period should be determined based on the time frame in which you analyzing the trading binary options on adx movement.

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The most efficient way to use this tool is to hook up the trading method in 15 minute or 5minute time frame. But be careful about the payout structure.

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In the short trade, you will get a red color arrow right at the resistance level. At that instant, the super trend signal line will change its color to red.

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Pay attention to the slope as it must point to the south. The slope usually indicates the direction of the trend even though you will be taking data from the lower time frame.

Some of you might get confused with the success rate during the news release time. But this indicator is not designed to trade the major news. You have to know the schedule of the high impact news and find a suitable time when the price might exhibit stable movement.

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And pay attention to the SR levels since these are the place where the arrow appears frequently.