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Astrology trading is based on the principle that the financial markets are affected by planetary movements and lunar cycles. Predicting these effects may assist different types of traders in determining which stocks to trade and when to trade trading astrology. While this may sound a bit too esoteric for many, there have, in fact, been studies conducted by leading financial authorities which have correlated market movement with astrological data.

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This was not just an artistic or sentimental decision. Morgan is thought to have paid considerable attention to astrology when conducting his business dealings. Another major figure in finance thought to have referred to astrology is legendary trader, investor and philanthropist George Soros a Leo.

Mainstream Use of Astrology Studies in Trading One such study was performed by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which is one of the 12 regional banks in the Trading astrology Reserve Systemand the results showed a correspondence between geomagnetic storms and stock market decline.

How is Astrology Applied to Trading? As with many approaches to trading, trading using astrology is not recommended as a stand-alone technique, but rather as a possible complement to technical analysis.

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One way of implementing trading using astrology is as a method of timing the market. This may be done by studying historical astrological data, and the way it has correlated with market movement, and projecting this forward with the forecast of planetary activity. Astrology may also be implemented in determining which stocks to trade. Research conducted in these areas trading astrology correlations between the performance and viability of a company, and its astrological chart.

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Once a stock has been deemed a suitable candidate for trading, what to do and make money astrology trader then moves onto the application of astrology in trading astrology the appropriate time to enter a trade. Who Uses Astrology in their Trading? There are many highly successful traders who have applied trading using astrology as a component of their success.

A particularly noted trader was WD Gannwho developed several trading tools, including Gann Angles, based on astrology, geometry, astronomy and ancient mathematics. Advice from Astrology Traders Traders who use astrology techniques believe that they can successfully time the markets and trading astrology entry and exit points by using these methods. Some advocate the use of astrology as a means of selecting stocks to invest in.

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What is Needed to Implement Trading using Astrology? A sound comprehension of financial astrology is the basis of what an astrology trader needs to conduct trading using astrology.

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Most astrology traders would consider the other essential tools to be an accurate astrological calendar showing daily trading astrology planetary aspects, and a program which facilitates trading astrology calculation of astrological charts. In Conclusion While trading using astrology may seem too offbeat to some traders, there is plenty of evidence that it can offer valuable insight into the movement of the market and the potential and performance of specific stocks. Do what's right, the right way, at the trading astrology time.

Meridian noted that there is a tendency for the share price to rise during this year period, but it tends to peak when Saturn reaches the MC. Midpoints[ edit ] Not all natal points are created equal.

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