Trading addiction

This topic is shied away mostly. In my opinion, it is as real as it trading addiction get. When a trader opens the screen — he is welcomed with ticks moving every second and a possibility of making lacs every minute unfolds infront of him. Fair enough. This is what gets a trader hooked with the market instantly.

Succeeding means logging long hours in front of a computer screen, researching and trading stocks. But in stock trading, there's a fine line between working hard and feeding an addiction.

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That line can mean the difference between making sound investment decisions and gambling your money away. But there are telltale signs. Here's how to tell if you or someone you love is a stock market junkie.

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If any of these apply, consider it a wake-up call and, if necessary, seek professional help. You're Hitting the Slots Smart traders are strategic.

The Editor Trading can be defined as the activity of buying and selling financial instruments such as stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, and currencies i. Both the small independent investor and the big financial operators may act in world markets. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet and the technological changes of recent decades, the trading of financial instruments has never been so easy.

They follow a sound, long-term investment plan. Yes, the goal is to make as much money as possible, but your laptop is not a trading addiction machine. People who are addicted to trading get so wrapped up in the chase for an instant payoff that they make risky and costly trading mistakes. They morph into gamblers. You Need the High It's the nature of addiction.

Is Pathological Trading an Overlooked Form of Addiction?

The dose has to get bigger and bigger every time to get the same high. Every stock trader gets a natural adrenaline rush from a win.

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But the addicts among them have to make bigger and bigger bets and higher and higher risks to keep the same rush coming. It doesn't end trading addiction. Someone who spends 12 or more hours a day in front of the screen probably has a problem, whether that person is playing video games or the stock market. For starters, that person has lost touch with the real world. trading addiction

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You Can't Stop Looking All stock traders are avid market watchers, but some can't tear themselves away from it. People who are addicted to trading constantly follow the market action, fearful of missing out on a trade.

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If you find yourself constantly checking your trading addiction or panicking when you're away from a digital device for a short while, you may need to broaden your interests in life. You're Trading in Secret Addicts tend to be secretive because they know they have a problem.

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You're Ruining Relationships An imploding relationship can be a sure sign of an addiction that has gotten out of control. Maintaining human relationships isn't easy for someone whose waking hours are spent either trading or thinking about trading. If you look up from your stock screener and discover that you're alone, you need to consider what you're doing wrong.

Let's Talk About Trading Addiction... Time to Be Honest with Yourself

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