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Zero commission investing - Most of the main brokers or DIY investing platform charge a fee for buying or selling shares. Fractional shares - Rather than purchasing a full stock, you are buying a fraction of a share, which helps keep costs low and means you can slowly build up your holding. No foreign exchange fees - Trading does pass on the currency conversion rate but there are no extra foreign extra charges.

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Unlimited instant trades - No limits on the number of free trades and they are made instantly so you get the price you want. How to setup a Trading account A Trading account can be opened either through its website or smartphone app. This can either be completed instantly as a guest via a practice account or alternatively you can sign up with an email and password online.

You start by selecting either the invest or CFD account option and create a watchlist of assets such as stocks in popular companies.

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There is also a tab to build trading 212 customer reviews monitor your portfolio and to search for specific stocks. There is a handy economic calendar so you can keep an eye on events that may impact certain stocks. Users can also set price alerts and watch educational videos and tutorials on buying their first share or how to start investing as well as more technical guides on trading strategies and CFDs.

By the investment on shares, you will be able to benefit from Fractional Shares offering and unlimited instant trades along with other benefits, which we truly like at Trading proposal.

If you decide to sign up you can click a button that says switch to real money and you will need to enter your personal details and submit an identity document and a selfie to prove who you are.

The minimum age is 18 and you can start trading once your account is verified and approved.

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There are no charges for share dealing or to hold stocks in an ISA wrapper. Trading makes money through the spreads between the buy and sell price on their assets.

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There is also a 0. Is Trading safe?

Trading Platform

Trading is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so it must take steps to keep your money safe such as by holding it in a separate client account. It also has a range of security measures to highlight any bugs and ensure customers are protected.

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Remember, any investment decision you make are done so at your own risk trading 212 customer reviews share prices are just as likely to go down as they are to go up.

How does Trading make money? Investors will generally pay closer to the high price to buy and sell nearer the low price. There are likely to be additional 'paid for' features added as time goes by which will be another source of revenue for the platform. It is the most downloaded trading app, which suggests it is very popular with its customers.

Assets / Markets

Reviews cite the good design and that the app makes investing fun. It is also highly rated on Trustpilot, with a score of 4. Users say it is easy to use and a great tool for beginners. Of the few bad reviews, most complain about account verification issues and not being able to withdraw funds.

How does Trading 212 work?

Both trading 212 customer reviews themselves on making share trading more accessible. Each offers a user-friendly app with details on shares and ETFs, but Trading goes further with educational videos and guides to investing. Trading also has specialist investing options with its CFD product.

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Trading vs Moneybox Rather than free trading, another low-cost way to get exposure to the markets is by using apps such as Moneybox to invest your spare change.

In addition, you will also pay the fund management charges levied directly by the fund providers, ranging from 0.

A novice-friendly trading platform with plenty of strengths

There is no monthly fee for its pension but you will need to pay the platform and fund charges. Check out our independent Moneybox review.

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Trading vs Plum Similar to Moneybox, rather than actively trading, Plum regularly assesses your income and expenditure and decides how much you can afford to save. This money can then be put into either shares or a mixture of shares and bonds. There will also be fund charges to pay, ranging from 0.

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That is not the case and once you open an account even a Demo you will find a lot more tradable coins than you can see on the website. Not a biggie, just something to be aware of.