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Ways to make money from your mobile app

Subscribe Share Do you have an idea for a free mobile application but you doubt whether it's worth investing? How do free apps make money? Your doubts are quite clear: the development of a top-notch mobile app requires a lot of time typically, several months and, more importantly, money. The vast majority of users on all continents prefer free mobile applications. In fact, the number of free app downloads is constantly rising.

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Whilst the App Store lost 1,4 percent in downloads. However, the overall tendency remains positive.

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Image source: Sensotower Developing a free mobile app is definitely the right business strategy. The competition is really strong! How many users will find your free mobile app?

Free Apps Grossing Big Bucks

How many of through which application can you make money will download it? No matter how good your app is and what monetization methods you use, you may still fail to attract customers without a clear app packaging.

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Potential users of your app should be able to quickly find it through search in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. To make your mobile app visible and easy to find, you should provide it with an attention-grabbing name, an informative descriptionand screenshots Want to get the first ranks on mobile app stores?

How much money does a free app make from ads? Introduction As free apps market have always outnumbered the paid ones in terms of profits and download numbersmost of the people often ask a common question that — how much money do apps make. Ever thought how to make money from apps? Even though the percentage of paid app revenues has decreased to

Check these effective pre-launch marketing strategies. Here are tips that will help you create a top-class app description: Choose a Clear and Catchy App Name Your mobile app should have a snappy name that reflects its major functions. Though many applications have names that convey nothing about their functionality, your app is likely to attract a lot more users if it has a name that hints at what it does.

Mobile applications are a great way for business owners to make improvements to their company. They are also the perfect platform if you think that your idea will be the next big hit, like Instagram or Snapchat.

As you can see, the full title contains an explanation of what this app does i. Come up With an Informative App Description The next step is to provide your app with a meaningful and informative description.

Few people read further, so make sure to tailor this part of the app description to perfection.

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In the main body of the description, you should mention what problems your mobile app helps to solve as well as go over its most important functions. We recommend that you add some text to your screenshots, describing some functions of your application.

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Take a look at a screenshot for the LINE app on Google Play: As you can see, this screenshot shows that the app can work on smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. Here are screenshots for the Uber app for iOS: Note that Uber uses verbs in their screenshot descriptions, which is the correct approach.

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  • It is possible to sell virtual or physical items, offer premium functionality or bonuses, block ads, or open new app content.
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Verbs are the parts of speech used to describe actions. People are more likely to act i.

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How to make money with free apps? Now that you know how to package a five-star app, we can move on to explaining the strategies you can leverage to make money on free apps. In-app purchases allow users to buy something right in the app.


There are three major types of in-app purchases: Consumable. Consumables are products that a user can use only once: for example, virtual money or health points. Such in-app purchases are usually used in mobile games.

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Non-consumables are features that users buy for permanent use: for example, additional functions or ad blocking this is how free apps make money without ads. Your mobile application may offer subscriptions that unlock some content or functions for a certain period of time. Subscriptions can be either non-renewing or automatically renewing. Are you considering to implement in-app purchases in your app?