The simplest option, A Simple Options Strategy for Everyone

Picture of the ranch where she works Daily writing tip box. Our author insists on an elaborate, decorative landing page.

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She loves her ranch and believes other writers will love it, too, so she wants a large photo of it. We have to decide how to prioritize these elements. These three parts embody her service.

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We want to present a famous author d Alembert in binary options can help other writers. However, we can move the unnecessary components to other pages using link buttons: Daily writing tips Contact Information Picture of ranch. We can show the ranch with her contact information, and we can perhaps design a daily writing tip as a pop-up.

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However, she wants her ranch to feature on the landing page. So, we remove everything that would have got in the way. Our author friend is an enthusiastic person, but her enthusiasm gets the better of her. Why should they want her to write for them? Our author-ghostwriter has noticed the high number of hits her site is getting. The proof is in the number of page views — users have found it easy to navigate.

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Instead of shutting off on the landing page after squinting in confusion, many the simplest option on to learn more. With this in mind, we can pat ourselves on the back for having done it for her. We: Asked how many elements the landing page needed, including choices or decisions our friend wanted users to make. We linked this elsewhere.

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Asked what she wanted her users to do the most. She wanted people contacting her for help writing books. So, we highlighted the contact box, but we added one that took users to another page, where they could read all about her services first. Her initial concept was confusing.

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We imagined approaching the design as ordinary people. Our friend wants to help other writers; well, if an 88 year-old author is looking for someone to clean up his manuscript, he might have had trouble with her design.

Occam’s Razor: The simplest solution is always the best

In summary, we translated what the writer wanted into a website that was easy to understand and use for the target users. The Internet is saturated with intricate and exquisitely complex designs. Keeping Accessibility in Mind Keeping our designs simple means that the websites we build are accessible. Creating a simple layout, with carefully placed images remember the Rule of Thirds?

A Simple Options Strategy for Everyone

The simplest option terms and licence: Fair Use What gets them navigating to the call for action, such as the shopping cart depends on how you guide them. Did you: Shave off the unnecessary bits? Tone down anything loud or distracting?

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Use plain language? Would my 80 year-old neighbor understand what the website is about?

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Would my grandmother be able to buy what I offer through my site and feel good? It has many applications, running from detective work to deductive reasoning about the cosmos. We UX designers find that it empowers us to aim past the tendency to over-think the simplest option designs. Think of Apple.

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His iPad and iPhone, for example, are the proof: one button on the front of a seamless, self-contained device.