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Checking the Collector Status You can see the status of any collector you're using for a survey in the Collect Responses section of the survey: Status Description OPEN People can take your survey if you share it with them. If people report issues accessing the survey, read our troubleshooting tips. If they try to access the survey, they see your closed message. Click the name of the collector to finish.

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Email Invitations show as Not Configured until you send or schedule a message. Use multiple collectors to keep your results organized. For example, create one to test your survey, and another to send to your survey takers.

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Then you can create a filter to exclude test responses from your results. Opening or Closing a Survey Opening a Survey When you're ready to share your survey, create a collector. A collector is a way to send your survey. To open your survey: Create a collector and carefully review the collector options.

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Send out your survey—the collector status is Open by default. Reopening a Survey You can reopen a survey at any time in the Collect The option is not open yet section of your survey.

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The collector status works as a toggle that lets you open or close a collector when you click it. To reopen a survey: Go to the Collect Responses section of your survey. Click the Closed status next to the collector you want to open.

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Click Open collector. Send out your survey.

With just a couple of clicks, Live Server lets you see your page live in an actual browser. Better yet, it features live reloading, so if you update your code, the changes are also reflected in the browser. All you have to do is right click in the HTML file you want to view, right click, then select "Open with Live Server": Live Server in action But what if Live Server doesn't open your browser and show your page like you expect? If this is happening to you, here are a few things you can try. First, save all of your work.

Closing a Survey When you want to stop collecting responses and prevent people from being able to access your survey, you can close your collector. To close a collector: Go to the The option is not open yet Responses section of your survey.

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Click Open in the status column. Customize the closed message that will display to people who try to access the survey.

What options can I set in a quiz? When you create a quiz, you have a variety of options to choose from within a quiz. Name Quiz In the Unnamed Quiz field, you can add a name for your quiz. Create any instructions for the Quiz in the Rich Content Editor.

Click Preview and test to see how the survey closed page will look. Click Close collector. You can customize the message on that page when you manually close your collector or set it to close by a Cutoff Date and Time or Response Limits. The closed message can only be written in plain text and you can't use HTML to format your message. Managing Multiple Collectors You can use multiple collectors to collect responses from various groups of people or through different channels. All the responses are combined in the Analyze Results section of your survey, and you can create binary option mathematical strategy to view and compare by collector.

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If you have multiple collectors for the same survey keep in mind that: To completely stop collecting responses for your survey, you need to close each collector individually You can customize the survey closed message for each collector individually Closing one collector won't close other collectors Review these common issues that arise when opening and closing collectors. If you have multiple collectors for the same survey, you need to close each collector individually to turn the survey completely off.

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If you want to send a message, open the collector and schedule a new binary option mod. After everyone is done taking the survey and all messages have been sent, close the collector again.

If so, you need to extend the date or increase the max number of responses in your collector settings before you can reopen your survey. Collectors control if your survey is open or closed.

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If you have multiple collectors, you need to close each one separately. You can customize the message shown on the survey closed page. If your collector is not fully set up, its status is not configured. Your Plan -- Log in to see if the paid features in this article are available on your plan.

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