The most unusual ways to make money in. 1. Work as a Living Statue

Actually you might do.

the most unusual ways to make money in

Clinical trials are already popular so you might find it odd that it is in our list of strange ways to make money. However, when you see the money people can potentially make, it looks a little less strange!

But if you understand the risk and are still happy to go ahead with it, there is certainly money to be made.

the most unusual ways to make money in

There are, in fact, several ways you can make money playing videos. Some of these ways will just supplement your income, but others can be full time money makers.

the most unusual ways to make money in

If you just want to make a bit extra money from your hobby, why not set up a gaming blog? Or, if you prefer making videos to writing up articles, you can upload videos to YouTube or twitch.

Last updated: Dec. Work as a Living Statue Individual performance artists make money posing as living statues on street corners around the world. There are even companies like the Rhode Island-based Ten31 Productions that hire performers to work as living statues for events such as WaterFire in Providence. Deliver Phone Books It might seem hard to believe, but those old-school phone books that show up on front doorsteps are delivered by folks who bag them, load them and go door to door to drop them off.

But things are slowly changing, with bookings increasing and the number of foreign nationals living here ever increasing. But when it comes to strange ways to make money…this is pretty high on the list!

the most unusual ways to make money in

Yes, amazingly, you really can make money selling your breast milk. Sites like Onlythebreast.

There are genuine concerns, however, about people who buy breast milk online.