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I think I'll take option three, which is where I call your probation options rate 2x2 and have you put back behind bars before my tea gets cold.

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Suggest an example Other results In MarchIAG agreed to purchase eight Airbus A aircraft and to take options on eight more, to be used for Iberia's longhaul fleet. We'll take the naval option.

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Each player has the option to take advantage of the options: the establishment, come in, or conquers spasuj. Third, if the United States decides to take other options, we will also take our own countermeasures. Option 1 takes the former approach, while option 2 takes the latter approach.

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So take on option take the first option. I was thinking what if we take away the option. The options take into account the legal basis for the mechanism, which is article 22 of the Protocol.

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Without encouragement for men, only women would take up such options, strengthening stereotypes. It also took note of take on option September international Summit of World Leaders for Action against Hunger and Poverty, and asked the Bank and the Fund to continue their work and report at the next meeting on how to take such options forward.

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GRULAC would monitor closely the progress made in the aftermath of the round table held on the topic in Julyin particular with regard to specific measures which the Organization might take and options for action. At this stage, the political option should take precedence over the punitive option.

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