Strategy option border, What are the best ways to optimise for cross-border expansion?

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August 7, Coyote Logistics Getty Images As a result of the Coronavirus disease COVIDmany countries dependent on trade, including Mexico, are projected to be the most negatively impacted by the corresponding slowdown in the supply chain.

Due to this, cross-border shippers should consider adjusting their supply chain strategy accordingly and taking time to understand the different cross-border shipping options available to them.

9 Ways to Prepare your Cross-Border E-Commerce Strategy

Through-trailer shipping is the process of moving shipments through border crossings in the original trailer. Whether importing or exporting, through-trailers shipments are handled on one side of the border with a different carrier from that country who has an interchange agreement with a carrier from the other country, handling the second half of the shipment.

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This is incorrect. Both United States and Mexico customs officials often break seals for inspection during border crossing regardless of if the product is being transloaded or not.

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When heading into Mexico, the seal almost always broken by the customs broker to confirm product information. Transloading is not only just as secure as through-trailer, but oftentimes more efficient.

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When a shipper considers how to best prepare to continue operations through any state of the economy, they should understand not only the different options, but also that there is a time and a place for both. Understanding the options It is important to understand what the options are and how they differ.

What are the best ways to optimise for cross-border expansion?

Transloading is the process of transferring a shipment from one trailer to another at a border crossing. To break it down—a Mexico carrier picks up the freight and transports it to a secure yard at the border; a border drayage carrier then takes the trailer across the border to a transloading facility; and the facility transfers the product to a U.

To elaborate on through-trailer shipping, picture a Mexico carrier with a trailer interchange agreement with a U. This is incorrect because government regulations at the majority of border crossings require seals to be broken and trailers to be inspected no matter strategy option border. Transloading is not only just as secure as through-trailer but also is oftentimes more efficient. The benefits of transloading Transloading is generally just as safe as through-trailer when it comes to keeping cross-border supply chains moving.

The benefits of transloading can best be broken down into the following three categories: Reduced shipping costs.

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Transloading service is often the more affordable option with reduced shipping costs. Access to a larger capacity pool on either side of the border means more carriers, and potentially more efficient ones, to choose from. With transloading, shippers can identify carriers whose networks best sync up with theirs, driving more cost-effective rates. At a time when all departments are being asked to cut costs where they can, a more affordable shipping method benefits all parties involved.

Greater carrier capacity. Transloading also offers shippers a greater carrier capacity because it allows them to access the full capacity of two independent carrier bases.

2020 U.S. Border Patrol Strategy

Any Mexico carrier can pair with any U. Through-trailer service limits shippers to only use carriers with an interchange agreement in place with a counterpart carrier strategy option border the other side internet wallets list of earnings the border, narrowing the capacity pool.

Avoid border delays.

Prepare for the Local Competition 1. Research Local Demand The first step to making your international e-commerce succeed is to get to know the buying trends of a foreign market.

Through-trailer shipments must rely on the limited capacity of the two carriers from the previously mentioned interchange agreement, leading to delays at borders and in overall shipment timelines. Delays are becoming more prominent due to an imbalance of northbound vs.

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What types of freight work best for transloading? While any specialized, experienced transloading facility located near a major border crossing can handle nearly any type of freight, some types work better than others.

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Freight loaded on pallets or slip sheets tend to fare best with transloading, especially raw materials, consumer packaged goods strategy option border food and beverage. Transloading is also common when shipping to warehouses with strict palletization and labeling requirements.

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There are times when freight is better off with through-trailer service such as when they require specialized loading, are flatbed shipments, or contain over-dimensional products. The Q2 Coyote Curve freight market forecast identified that the economy is currently experiencing the steepest decline in history. However, the steeper the decline, the more rapid the recovery.


Truckload demand will slowly continue to rise with non-essential industries re-activating. Given the amount strategy option border supplies that already exited the market, spot rates will continue to rise throughout the end of the year and into early as typical truckload market cycle forces take over.

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While it may still be another quarter until the supply chain sees inflationary spot market conditions, shippers should know what their cross-border shipping choices are. This enables them to stay in line with demand and keep operations running based on what is most important at any given time, whether that be lower prices, quicker shipping times or increased strategy option border capacity.