Strategy on how to make a lot of money

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There are two basic strategies for kicking debt: pay off your highest-interest-rate debts first, or pay off your smaller balances first. The snowball method was popularized by financial guru Dave Ramsey.

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List your debts according to balance, then tackle the smallest balance first while you make minimum payments on all other debts. Once your smallest balance debt is paid off, use the money you were throwing at that debt to to pay off the next smallest debt, while making minimum payments on the others, and so on and so on until you finally reach debt freedom.

strategy on how to make a lot of money

And according to the data, like this study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, it works. People are more likely to stick with their debt payoff goals when using the snowball method.

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In that case, it makes more sense to focus on the higher-interest-rate debt instead. Be logical about how you approach your debt, but remember: Personal finance is psychological, and quick financial wins can be a powerful tool.

strategy on how to make a lot of money

Set up a recurring transfer from your checking to your savings account every payday. Most bill providers have automatic bill pay, and you can often designate a day each month you want that bill paid.

strategy on how to make a lot of money

Your car-insurance bill is already paid, so your discretionary funds are limited. In general, the idea is to make sure your spending priorities are taken care of before you have a chance to spend that money on less important stuff no offense to sushi.

strategy on how to make a lot of money

Just aim for 10 percent. And if you find that you want to save even more, you can always adjust this percentage later.

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Try a no-spend month Money challenges are fun because they turn good financial habits into a game. Walk or bike to everywhere instead of driving, take lunch to work every day, embrace free entertainment options, like exploring local parks. The target is zero, but the overall idea is to simply spend less and save some extra cash.

In a bind? Need some fast cash? Some are easier than others, but nearly all require very little to no capital. They are meant to get you through the difficult times.

The exercise can also help you rethink many of your expenses and possibly spend more mindfully in the future.