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Apparently using explainer videos turns out to be more effective than manuals and FAQ pages. When it comes to explainer videos, the length of the video can also decide the outcome. If you are trying to cover every function and features about your product, the video can turn out longer over 90seconds.

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So how long should your video be? We will run you down with the goals and requirements that dictate the duration you should go for. A 30 second explainer video is effective if you are at the first stage of the marketing funnel and your goal is to create brand awareness. They also work well as Youtube or Facebook ads.

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Such videos can be very effective in helping you earn potential customers as the attention span for such videos is higher than that of others. This means that the viewer is more likely to watch the entire video if it fits the 30 second duration.

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We created a short 30 second video actual video length was around 90 seconds for Rankwatch to help them with a Youtube ad. Here is a glimpse: 60 seconds? A 60 second video can help you narrate your brand story.

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These videos allow you to introduce the pain point and also give a glimpse of strategy for 60 seconds 90 you are going to address it. This length is suitable when your product is complex or when you are at the evaluation or purchase stage of the marketing funnel or when you are giving an overview of strategy for 60 seconds 90 brand.

Also, in case you are using the whiteboard animation style for your explainer video, then a video longer than 60 seconds is justified. Now that you are aware about the attention span for a video longer than 90 seconds, you really need to focus on optimisation if you are going with this length. Utilise the first second window to give your message so the audience always goes with the takeaway even if they do not watch the entire video.

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Such videos not only address the pain point but also go beyond to explain benefits. Beyond 2 minutes?? In case you are finding it difficult to squeeze in the content within 2 minutes, you can consider a video of longer duration.

A video longer than 2 minutes can be used once you have already engaged your audience with short duration videos. Once you have managed to get the customers on-board with short introductory videos, now you can experiment with the length.

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But yes, keep in mind that beyond the 2 minute mark, the attention span of your audience becomes almost half of what it was for a 30 second video. Here is a short 4 minute film we made for Apollo. As you can see, the main message of the video Integrated Healthcare Delivery System is introduced in the first 40 seconds. This way even if the user fails to watch the entire video, he gets the gist. Conclusion Stats clearly point out to the fact that greater the video length, higher is the chance that your audience will lose interest.

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However, in trying to cut short the video, many brands fail to deliver the intended message. This is one mistake you should try to avoid.

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A good explainer video strikes a fine balance between timing and content. It means that the intended message is delivered in just the right amount of time. Like we said, an explainer video can be anywhere between 30 seconds and 5 minutes, the effectiveness of it comes down to how you have utilised that time window for communicating your message.