Seo earnings on the Internet, Why Search Engine Optimization Is the Key to Making Money Online

How To Make Money Online

You could sell ads, write sponsored content or work with content partners. You could even create a subscription model, where readers need to pay to view your content. What is search engine optimization? SEO is all about understanding those algorithms. It'll be right at the top. According to Google, I am the top authority on starting a business.

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Not Bill Gates. Not Elon Musk. A former English major in his mids with no business background is ranked ahead of Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah Winfrey -- everyone.

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How much does being ranked highly on Google really matter? In short, a lot. You might think that using social media is the best way to get your blog or website seen. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the rest can be powerful tools to help you build a following. But, there are two great parts about being ranked highly on Google search results: Google is the highest-trafficked website in the world.

A Facebook post shows up in a feed for a couple of hours. One tweet might be skipped over. But a top-ranked Google post can last for months or even years.

How to Make Money with SEO - CASE STUDIES

Even if you use a pinned post, you only get one. But, how do we actually optimize our content? How do we make online content that appears on the first page seo earnings on the Internet Google, Bing and other search engines?

Before you write your post, make sure your site is optimized. Search engines care about more than seo earnings on the Internet the words on the page. They also take into account factors including the quality and consistency of your site speed and authority.

Speed There are a ton of reasons why you should want your website to run as fast as possible.

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At the same time, improving website speed can lead to an increase in conversions, downloads and views. The first is to optimize your images. One of the easiest ways to improve your page-load times is to optimize all your images for the web.

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That image is times bigger than it needs to be, and it could be the difference between a fast loading site and a slow one.

You should also think about the density of your image. Most computer screens only show images at 72 pixels per inch ppiwhich means that anything clearer than that is wasted -- like watching a high-definition Blu Ray movie on an old TV.

So, even if your image is a pixel square, you should check the ppi to make sure it is set at Often, images are set at ppi, which makes your image file four times larger than it needs to be without improving the quality.

Yet many commercial websites still perform poorly on mobile. This is something that businesses cannot afford. For example, if you are building your own website, you could implement Accelerated Mobile Pages to simplify seo earnings on the Internet mobile pages and speed things up.

If you are using one of the popular web-hosting sites for your website, you should check to see how that host performs on mobile. Related: Marketing Campaign Authority Authority comes from different sources -- users, other websites and search engines -- but really, it comes down to trust. How long has your website been relevant, and how long have you been creating content around a given topic?

Just as important, do other experts use your website as a source?

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Are they linking to it or citing you? For example, Entrepreneur has released its online list of top franchises each year since We break down each of the businesses -- why they made the list, the company history and more. That sort of consistency and longevity has made our rankings noteworthy. So, when we write an article about franchises, our authority helps push that content to the top of Google.

We are the authority on cheap franchises. Those sites cover soccer every day. In the same way, you can carve out your own niche on Google. The more general you are, the more likely you are to encounter a website with more authority than yours who has written on the same topic. But, if you can create content specific for one audience, you can avoid the behemoths in your industry and find your way to the top spot on Google.

The top spot would be taken by an article by a much larger website, Fortune. Source: Google Note the date on that article -- it was published in March of For the past two years, people wanting to learn about dog-friendly offices have been going to Fortune to read that article.

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While writing your post, you should have a keyword or search term in mind. You have to help search engines out by predicting what people will search to find your story.

A Checklist. These titles are more straightforward, and they mirror the way a potential user would search for information on lemonade stands. Once you pick your key search term, you have to use it in the post.

You should also include your keyword throughout the story, including in your intro and in a "heading 2," or H2, tag somewhere in the piece.

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One potential way to add keywords is through the use of related links -- by adding related links with similar titles, you can add keywords without actually changing the content of your article. Use internal links to other stories on related topics from your website. For example, I might add seo earnings on the Internet link in my lemonade stand story to an article about kid entrepreneurs or how parents can make extra money for college.

If you have the budget, online tools such as Searchmetrics or Brightedge can help you identify how often you should use your keyword in the article, as well as additional keywords that you should include in your article. Just try to use your keyword or search term as much as you can without going overboard. Search engines penalize short articles think less than words that jam in keywords without saying anything.

In63 percent of marketers state they will increase their online brand advertising budgets, with 20 percent reporting that those budgets will grow by 20 percent or more, according to the Online Advertising Performance Outlook by Nielsen. Millions of people use the internet everyday, which means the demand for SEO Specialists is growing. The salary range for this position is dependent on skill and experience level. Citing an average salary would be difficult because salaries vary depending on where an individual lives.

Google and others prefer longer articles. For an article on lemonade stands, words might be longer than average. For an article on how to start a business, search engines might demand something closer to 4, This is another difference between writing for search engine optimization and writing for a newspaper.

The Average Salary of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist

In a newspaper, every word is taking up physical space on the page. Every unnecessary word is literally a waste of space. You should also write in an approachable way. If you write with easy-to-read prose, search engines will be more likely to rank your story well and, more importantly, your readers will appreciate it. Which leads us to the last stage of search engine optimization … 3.

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After writing your post, you have to share it. And you need to get other people to share it, too. In the same way that you might be more likely to buy a product or service after someone recommends it, Google and other search engines are more likely to commit to your page after others have shared it. You need to use social media to start that conversation, so others can recommend your post. To do that, you can use one of two strategies: Rely on your own social network. Plus, Marie put the article in an Instagram story, tapping into her 3.

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You could do what Belanger did and interview someone with a big social following. You could agree to swap stories with other websites or blogs in your industry, where you share their stories and they binary options affiliate site yours.

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You could create Facebook Groups with like-minded people who will want to read and share your work. You can start the conversation that gets you recognized on Google. In a post from April ofEntrepreneur Contributor Deep Patel offered seven ideas for growing your social following. They are: Develop a multichannel approach.