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Wexford Location Testimonial I just wanted to take a minute to recognize some staff for being exceptional at what they do! I feel like some people are quick to complain or point out what is wrong instead of what is right, so I wanted to make sure I give praises where they are due!

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I've loved every single teacher that has had a part in caring for him. Miss Patti and Miss Jenie were awesome, we were sad to see them go!

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Miss Christine and Miss Melissa were also so great with him when he was reviews dealing centers in the Young Toddler room. They are both so calm and patient which is hard to do with a room reviews dealing centers of toddlers!


Now that Reviews dealing centers is in the PreSchool Readiness room, he still has a little trouble at drop off, but everyone is always so great in helping me out to minimize the tears! Miss Cassandra is always so quick to try to involve him in reading a story, playing with a toy, or any other distraction that may help take his mind off of me leaving. I know it's hard for the staff because there are other kids they are in charge of, but I really appreciate it so much, they do it with such ease, and I feel like they are going above and beyond to make the process as easy as possible on him!

Miss Jess has just been phenomenal with Evan. I usually see her at pick up time and she always makes it a point to tell me about Evan's day.

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Although we get a daily report with a summary of the day, it's so refreshing to hear Miss Jess tell me about it when I pick him up. She's always so enthusiastic about all their activities and how Evan did with them, she really gives the impression that she genuinely cares about each child, how well they are doing, and how exciting their days were! Same goes for Miss Ashley and Miss Lindsay in the infant room.

They always seem so happy to see Eli and are always so detailed with all his feedings and naps.

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With all those infants, I don't know how they keep it all straight and keep them all happy! That takes a special kind of person and Ashley reviews dealing centers Lindsay certainly fit that bill!

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Miss Amanda, I'm not even sure if you realize it, but I always love to see you in the morning in the PreSchool Readiness room at drop off. You have this nononsense attitude that the kids really seem to respond to so well, especially Evan. There was one morning where you got Evan a snack and some juice, walked it over to the table, and he just followed you over there.

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That was one of the easiest drop offs I've had in a while! A lot of times he tries to resist the snack initially although I know he really does want it, he's just being shy and taking some time to warm up to being there. I'm not quite sure how you do it, but he seems to come out of his shell more easily with you!

Miss Debbie, you've also been so helpful with drop offs recently too. You can sense when Evan needed that extra reassurance and attention and came right over to take him from me.

You're always so calm and never ever seem rattled by anything, it's amazing!

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I wanted to make it a point to mention the incredible job everyone at Tender Care is doing. It definitely doesn't go unnoticed, and is certainly more appreciated than I could ever even put into words!

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A big giant thank you to all of you for everything you do, for creating such a wonderful environment for my boys and playing such a big part in their learning, growing, and making their own special little memories! Jamie Horn.