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You have to understand one thing first before discussing their track record. Red option of the strategies are directional up, down, or sideways.

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Their is tremendous risk in that and they state so in the descriptions of the strategies: " This is also true for double-diagonals. I hate that people call them directionless, because sideways is a direction.

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You cannot blame the trading service, if YOU pick the wrong direction. Red option you are convinced that you have the direction correctly for the month, sure, you can trade that strategy with RED Options.

Otherwise, papertrade it to learn how they make the moves. The only strategy that is truly hedged the way the professionals trade is the mini-basket.

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Here you can genuinely blame Scott, because he reacts to market red option to hedge the positions. If he wrong, he's wrong.

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You have to autotrade or paper trade this one. You cannot realistically trade this one on your own, because you have to react too fast.

Even in the time it takes for you to read the e-mail the market can get away from you. It's an excellent learning tool to learn how traders really swing trade options.

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If you want shorter time frames go with ShadowTrader. That's the corresponding day-trader service, but that is naturally stocks.

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With day trading options the slippage kills you. The swing trading strategy with stocks is Liquid Swing, but you cannot hedge the way you can with options.

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It went negative after that, because Scott could not hedge some catastrophic losses on two stocks. By comparison the Mini-basket record from January to July was 34 positions, 18 wins, 16 losses with a return of The calculations do not include commissions.

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On a small account they will wipe out a good part of the gain. These numbers do not sound terribly exciting, but that is how the pros trade. Many small gains and try to avoid the big losses that can come from directional trading.

It's boring and tedious, but it works over long periods, if your account is big enough.

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I have tracked directional traders that shall remain nameless and their records over months were much worse, because they got the direction wrong when the market turned.

Finally, none of the strategies can trade futures.

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So, even the mini-basket does not give you the true way the pros trade big portfolios, but it comes close. Futures are the ultimate way to hedge large numbers of options positions and they have kept my account in the black in the last few months.