Practice of options

Yes, really.

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At least in a practice account. Options can seem overwhelming to practice of options investors.

What are they? How do I trade them?

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Why would I trade them? Like anything, practice can help build confidence, which can lead to success.

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That means you'll use the same order entry screens you would use for actual trades, except you don't have to risk your own money, and you can start over anytime you like. You can search for options using the "options" tab on a detailed quote page. Like in an actual account, trading options on a practice basis requires you to have a margin-enabled account.

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When opening your Practice Account it takes just a few minutes and can be found under practice of options My Portfolio tabyou'll need to choose the investment margin account type. Already have a cash or other Practice Account open?

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While you can't add margin to it, you can open a separate Practice Account. You can have as many Practice Accounts as you like. Worried about mixing up your real account with your Practice Account? You'll always know you're in practice mode because the account is highlighted in a separate box and you will see an icon of a book.

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