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All accounts accepted at the discretion of eOption which accepts customer orders only on an unsolicited basis, and does not make any recommendations regarding any security or securities product with the possible exception of orders executed by our full service bond desk.

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Nothing contained herein should be considered as an offer to buy or sell any security or securities product. Options trading live trading has inherent risks due to loss of online services or delays from system performance, risk parameters, market conditions, and erroneous or unavailable market data.

Options Disclosure: Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Prior to trading options, you must be approved for options trading and read the Characteristics and Risks options trading live Standardized Options. A copy may also be requested via email at support eoption.

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Option strategies involve multiple purchases; therefore your transaction costs may be significant for option strategy trades. Commissions are subject to change without notice. At some firms, commissions may not reflect broker-assisted fees, orders over 1, shares, penny stock trades, OTCBB, pink sheet stocks or foreign stock orders. Firms may offer reduced commissions if additional criteria are met.

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Content is provided for educational and informational purposes only and eOption cannot attest to its accuracy or completeness. No information provided has been endorsed by eOption. You are solely responsible for your own investment decisions, and eOption makes no investment recommendations and does not provide financial, tax or legal advice.

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