Options theoretical price. Calculating Theoretical Options Price

Note: I. Strike price: Enter the strike price of the options contract for which you wish to calculate the theoretical price.

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Volatility: Enter the yearly volatility of the spot index. Users must estimate this figure themselves, and can typically use the historical volatility. Risk-free interest rate: Enter the risk-free interest rate.

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The interest rate for time deposits at banks or commercial paper can generally be options theoretical price. Time to expiration: You can choose to enter the expiration month you wish to calculate and let the system automatically calculate the number of days remaining from the present date to the expiration date, or you can enter the number of business days or years to expiration yourself. Note: This calculation utilizes the Black-Sholes options pricing model.

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The results are provided for reference only and do not represent actual prices. Traders options theoretical price in options trading should consider all market factors, not just theoretical options prices. If you experiences any problems with the website or would like to offer feedback, please contact us at: service taifex.

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