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Triple Your Money in 3 Easy Steps! Step 1 Run the Option Scanner Scan thousands of tickers in seconds.

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Grab your shortlist of option candidates and look for those that have shown large options scanner volumes vs open interest. To be sure that something big might happen, make sure you look at the volumes for the day and check that the strike shown is significant.

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Also, COH is about to release their Q1, numbers the next day. Here is a screen of the option prices after the announcement.

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The scanner produces these results, every day, in an instant and shows you what option contracts options scanner had the most significant volumes trading vs their open interest. If this happens on a stock before an earnings announcement, it means somebody is placing a HUGE bet on the outcome of the earnings release.

Now, why would 18, contracts trade through a single option contract before a options scanner reports its earnings numbers?

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These bets aren't options scanner by Mom and Dad investors like you and me; they are institutions with huge money at stake and trading from information unavailable to the retail traders. But you can observe the footprints they leave with this powerful trading tool.

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options scanner Now, I also took a screen shot of the option chain as I entered the trade. Check out the volumes of the other strikes here I'm not saying you are guaranteed to make money like this every time, in fact, you won't make money every time. But wouldn't you agree that this is a superb opportunity to take a further look into?

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NO other put option contracts had traded at all. Earnings were relesed July 29th before market open.

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I closed out the options 1. The puts were then worth 0.

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The stock continued to drop and options scanner puts expired 1. Check out these insane BONUSES Options scanner 1: Secret Strategy Video Immediately after you purchase, you will be directed to a bonus video tutorial demonstrating exactly how to use the scanner not only for option gains but as a way to trade stocks outright!

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Bonus 2: FREE Upgrades For 1 Year The developer is always making improvements to the product; enabling faster scans, more data such as implied volatility etc. Typically these updates require a small upgrade fee, however, these charges are waived for the first year. But as a purchaser of the Option Scanner, access to options scanner data is covered by your purchase price.

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