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options pendulum strategy

Blue histogram - possible price increase When an arrow appears on the blue histogram, open Sell or Put for options When an arrow appears on the red histogram, open Buy or Call for options The trade direction should correspond to the trend direction on a higher timeframe.

Exit the transaction in the opposite direction and immediately open a new transaction under favorable conditions The direction of opened trades should correspond to the trend direction on a higher timeframe.

  • Skip to Main Content Design of an iterative learning control with a selective learning strategy for swinging up a pendulum Abstract: Swinging up a pendulum on a cart is a well-known demonstration example for trajectory tracking in a nonlinear system.
  • But which one should you use?

If you trade on M1 or M5, then you should focus on M30 and H1. The exit from the transaction is carried out by the opposite signal see the picture.

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You can also exit the set orders SL and TP. It is recommended to work with this strategy only with reliable and proven brokers. Who have no problems with the withdrawal of funds.

options pendulum strategy

It is also desirable that ECN has accounts with a low spread and a low commission per transaction. Before you decide to open a trading account, be sure to read online reviews about your broker.

These companies can be trusted. For more options pendulum strategy seven years of experience working with them, no problems have arisen.

Always adequate trading conditions, quality support and quick withdrawal.

options pendulum strategy

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